PRODUCTIVITY: YSK about picking someone up at a crowded event

I recently turned a fun event for my fiancée into a disaster when I couldn’t pick her up promptly after the Paul McCartney concert ended.

I had studied the map and instructions about drop off and pick off.  I was very familiar with the venue giving that I’d live in the vicinity for decades.

So the drop off worked well. Lot C next to E.  And we agreed that’s where we would meet.

After dropping her off, I scouted the area and figured out where I could wait.  Got back about 10PM and the concert would end at 1030.  About 10:15, the crowd started to break. 

When I tried my path to the pickup, I found all roads blocked and made outbound only. Argh!  For the better part of an hour, I tried different ways to get to the pickup point.

Finally, I went with the flow and circled around the venue on connecting roads about 2 miles out. Then I tried to reenter closest to the pickup lot. Cut through a blocked gate with I moved and used a handicapped ramp break in the curbing to get to the rendezvous point 90 mintiest after the concert ended. Argh!


Found out that the parking lots were free after 8, so I could have just parked by the rendezvous point.

Upon reflection, I should have went to the rendezvous point long before traffic pattern was with to OUT ONLY.

All directions that I was given by the traffic folks was universally wrong except for the one guy who said: “You can’t there from here.”



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