IOS: iOS Shortcuts for a grocery list

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Using iOS Shortcuts to keep up your grocery list
Posted Feb 4th, 2020

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Using iOS Shortcuts is a helpful way to automate regular actions. This week’s tip comes from mirbogat, who uses the home screen icons to have one-touch access to adding grocery items to their list.

I’m really enjoying the new Shortcuts integration, it’s been truly amazing for my daily routines!

One use case I would like to share is the ability to use Shortcuts to quickly add groceries to my Grocery Shopping List.

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NOTRECOMMENDED: Facebook’s Portal product

I need a YouTubeKids app and the portal to interoperate with non-messenger contacts.

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It’s great for an old relative but imho it’s too tightly tied to Facebook Messenger ands very limited apps.

With a toddler, it’s too hard to restrict him to YouTubeKids.