GUNS: Enforce the “fellow in possession” federal law

WaPo Gives Biden Four Pinocchio’s Over Cannon Claim
Cam EdwardsJun 28, 2021 9:30 AM ET

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You know a Democratic politician messed up when even the Washington Post fact-checkers can’t cover for them. Such is the case with Joe Biden’s big talk about gun control and violent crime last week, which veered wildly off the rails when Sleepy Joe started mumbling about the early days of the Republic and how the Second Amendment limited those who could exercise their right to keep and bear arms and what type of arms were protected.

“You couldn’t own a cannon,” proclaimed the president, even though Politifact rated that claim as “false” when Biden made similar comments on the campaign trail in 2020. Now the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler is taking a stab at the the claim, and he too says that Biden’s still wrong.

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If Biden was serious about crime, he’d enforce the “fellow in possession” federal law.