NJ landlords lose challenge to Murphy’s COVID order on rents

TRENTON – A state appeals court has upheld an executive order Gov. Phil Murphy issued early in the pandemic that allowed tenants to use their security deposits to pay their rent.A group of landlords sued, claiming that the order violated the state constitution and state law by interfering with residential lease contracts. The court found the order is a “valid use of the governor’s emergency powers” as the Disaster Control Act permits it due to a “widespread economic emergency.”

Source: NJ landlords lose challenge to Murphy’s COVID order on rents

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Sorry, but I always though these type of “interference in contract” actions were immoral and illegal.

If you buy into the doctrine of “incorporation” (i.e., the Federal Bill of Rights applies to the States), then this is clearly a Fifth Amendment taking,

But expecting a judge (i.e., Gooferment bureaucrat) to conflict with a President or a Governor (i.e., other Gooferment bureaucrats) is unthinkable.

Pitchforks and torches time?