NEWJERSEY: New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy should be out!

‘Patients will die’: NJ governor was warned in March about nursing home policy’s deadly consequences
NEWS Newly obtained audio shows there was pushback from the start
March 15, 2021 

*** begin quote ***

It’s not only New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo who is justifiably in hot water for implementing a deadly policy that forced nursing home facilities to accept coronavirus-positive patients who had been discharged from the hospital, against admonitions from long-term care directors. Now, Cuomo’s tri-state counterpart, New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, is facing mounting scrutiny for implementing a similar policy and ignoring warnings, as well.

*** end quote ***

Where is the impeachment effort here in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee?

Where are the wrongful death suits?

Where is the upload and outrage from the families of the victims?



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