GOVEROTRAGEOUS: New York Governor Cuomo Announces Jewish Redlining Policy (Updated) –

New York Governor Cuomo Announces Jewish Redlining Policy (Updated)
Rather than imposing restrictions on high-density zip codes, New York will draw red lines (literally) around “clusters” in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.

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During the New Deal, the Roosevelt administration rated communities based on whether they were desirable for lending. The government color-coded the maps to give banks a helpful guide. More desirable areas were outlined in green. Declining areas were outlined in yellow. And risk neighborhoods were outlined in red. Unsurprisingly, the “redlined” neighborhoods tended to be poor, black communities. And, in turn, banks denied loans to these redlined communities. To this day, the legacy of redlining is still felt, especially in urban areas.

Did anyone in Governor Cuomo’s office reflect on this history? Today, the New York Governor announced a new policy to contain COVID-19. His administration will color-code neighborhoods based on the COVID-19 infection rate. Yellow neighborhoods will have light restrictions. Orange neighborhoods will have heavy restrictions. And red neighborhoods will have stringent restrictions. All schools will be closed in red and orange neighborhoods. In red zones, houses of worship will have strict 10 person caps, regardless of capacity.

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Source: New York Governor Cuomo Announces Jewish Redlining Policy (Updated) –

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Stunning that Cuomo and team could be so insensitive!

Not only that BUT what about the First Amendment issue?



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