LIBERTY: Seems like someone needs to “fact check” the memes

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This site is dedicated to combating false and misleading memes that are being circulated around social media.  What exactly is a meme?  In this context, it’s a picture, short post or video that gets circulated on social media. Many outlets use these visuals as a way to present and further their ideological interests.  However, often times memes are outright false or misleading, yet are shared to thousands or even millions of viewers.  While most people understand they don’t carry the weight of respected news outlets or scholarly journals, they have a way of influencing opinions on subjects, as many people get their news and ideas from their Facebook feeds, and memes have a way of sounding authoritative.

The Meme Policeman takes on these tools of propaganda, and holds them accountable to the truth.  Feel free to browse memes by category using the navigation links on top, or go to the main page and view them chronologically.

If you’ve noticed a meme that seems questionable or outright false, please send it in! The best way is to become a Patron and access the private Facebook page which I monitor along with other fans. Or send a message via Facebook to the Meme Policeman, or via the contact form below.  It will be investigated, and, if necessary, “arrested”.  Together, we can help the truth out and shame the distributors of propaganda into thinking twice about their next meme.

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Most “fact checking” is  worthless because of bias.

This site seems to be “fair”.

Certainly worth following.