TECHNOLOGY: Google cleaning out the app’s inventory

Over three years ago, we launched the Trusted Contacts app as a way to help people stay up to date with their loved ones’ whereabouts. Since then, we’ve built this functionality directly into Google Maps with Location Sharing – making it even easier to share your live location with trusted friends and family.

As a result, the Trusted Contacts app will be removed from the App Store and Play Store today, and will stop being supported after December 1, 2020. If the app is installed on your device, you can continue to use it until then.

If you have created trusted contacts, you can download them from the trusted contacts page until December 1, 2020. After that date, the Trusted Contact app will no longer work and your trusted contacts will be unable to see the live location you are sharing with them from the app.

To learn more about Location Sharing in Google Maps, check out our help center.

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Too bad if you were using it.

You really are NOT in control of your tools.

Makes everything that Google “gives” you for “free” suspect that it won’t be there tomorrow.