Police Efforts Like This Will Undermine NZ’s Gun Control Attempt

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File Following the horrific events in Christchurch, New Zealand, the country has lashed out at gun owners and changed its laws so that massive numbers of gun owners have to turn over their guns or become criminals.

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Yet has France, for example, stopped terrorists from using guns, despite the nation’s long history of gun control? No. France can try, but it’s a lost cause, and so too it will be in New Zealand.

Gun control won’t work.

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Source: Police Efforts Like This Will Undermine NZ’s Gun Control Attempt

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Pretty sad when guns are stolen from the police!

Gooferment — at all levels — is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

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Like Slopes and Castro, I’ve changed to a date-based version-numbering scheme — 2019.4 is the fourth update released in 2019, the next version will be 2019.5, and so on — partly because version numbers don’t really matter anymore, but mostly because I no longer wanted to delay completed features until a major-version change or worry that I didn’t do enough to justify a certain number.

Source: Clip sharing with Overcast – Marco.org

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Interesting observation imho.

Version numbers really have become brands to the extreme like Windows 7 or iPhoneX.

For my part, i like the simple sequence.  I use 2019-Apr-28 (YYYYMMMDD) or 2019-04Apr-28 (YYYYmmMMMDD) for dates because of it’s “global” simplicity.

We need to make ourselves more clear when we communicate.

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