Supreme Court says the Constitution does not ensure a ‘painless’ execution – Los Angeles Times

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Constitution does not guarantee a “painless death” for condemned murderers, deciding that a Missouri inmate may be executed by a lethal injection despite a rare, severe condition that could cause him to suffocate.By a 5-4 vote, the court rejected Russell Bucklew’s claim it would be cruel and unusual punishment to inject him because it could trigger a hemorrhage and choking. He maintained the state must seek out another method of execution, such as lethal gas, to carry out his execution.

Source: Supreme Court says the Constitution does not ensure a ‘painless’ execution – Los Angeles Times

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Doesn’t KILLING SOMEONE fit the standard of “cruel and unusual”?

And, as we have learned from Project Innocence, mistakes happen for which we do not yet have a “pencil eraser”.  Oh well, too bad for you.

As a little L libertarian pro-lifer, where does the Gooferment gets its “authority” to kill citizens, or for that matter anyone?

As we can see from the actions of past “Presidents”, human life means very little when it stands in their way.  Need a list?  It’s left for an exercise to the reader to itemize the Presidents who have killed this way.

(Hint: Good old Honest Abe ordered the killing of non-combatant citizens and destroying their livelihoods during the War of Norther Aggression.  That was a FIRST in the annals of civilized warfare!  Argh!)

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LAPD Wants To Cancel Citizens’ Concealed Carry Permits

Permits to carry a concealed firearm are allowed under California law but it’s up to local police chiefs and sheriffs to decide if an applicant has a valid reason to obtain one.

The plaintiffs in the 1994 case, called Assenza, et al. v. City of Los Angeles, et al., sued because the LAPD had a long-standing practice of simply denying every applicant.The City settled and promised in 1995 the LAPD would issue permits to the 30 plaintiffs, according to court records.

“The City should keep its word,” said attorney Burt Jacobson, a former federal prosecutor and one of the plaintiffs in the case. “They wanted a settlement, and they wrote the settlement!” Jacobson said he’s faced recent threats as a result of court cases that ended many years ago.

Source: LAPD Wants To Cancel Citizens’ Concealed Carry Permits

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So, the “City” sought and agree to a settlement and now wants to abrogate it.

You can’t trust the “gun grabbers” … … EVER.

No compromise ever.

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