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Like Slopes and Castro, I’ve changed to a date-based version-numbering scheme — 2019.4 is the fourth update released in 2019, the next version will be 2019.5, and so on — partly because version numbers don’t really matter anymore, but mostly because I no longer wanted to delay completed features until a major-version change or worry that I didn’t do enough to justify a certain number.

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Interesting observation imho.

Version numbers really have become brands to the extreme like Windows 7 or iPhoneX.

For my part, i like the simple sequence.  I use 2019-Apr-28 (YYYYMMMDD) or 2019-04Apr-28 (YYYYmmMMMDD) for dates because of it’s “global” simplicity.

We need to make ourselves more clear when we communicate.

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  1. ISO dates, yyyy-mm-dd, are a better choice. Unambiguous, internationally understood, naturally sortable. No need to badly re-invent a nice round wheel.

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