INTERESTING: I got pulled over?

2017-Jul-11 1055

Interesting morning. 

I was driving the Caddie and pulled out of 7-11 when there was big gap in the traffic. Someone jumped into my gap and I was forced to stay on the shoulder for three or four cars. Finally a cop let me in. I waved thanks and toodled along. 

Two lights later, he lit me up and pulled me over. Argh!

So I sat quietly until he walked up to the car. On his way to the driver’s side window, he touched the driver’s side rear light. That struck me as strange.

“Registration and insurance card”. I responded: “It’s in the glove box.” “Ok, you can get it now and thanks for telling me.” I got them out and the contents of the box rolled out. I took them out of the evelope and passed them to him. 

“License.” “In my wallet”. “OK”. So extracted the wallet and pulled it out and handed it to him.

He said: “I pulled you over because your license came back as suspended. Did you turn your NJ license when you got a NH one?” “yes. The car is based in NJ so it’s registered and insursed here.” “OK.”

He went back to the police car. And spent a few minutes. On the way back, he touched the taillight again. Struck me as strange.

“Do you still have the address in Kendall Park?” “Yes.” “OK. No problem.”

And I went on my way.

I’m still wondering why he touched the car?

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