INTERESTING: Self-driving car displaces the regional airplane?

Dear United: Autonomous cars will pull you out of your seat
Posted 4 hours ago by Cyrus Radfar (@cyrusradfar)

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The Golden Triangle: Faster, Cheaper, and Better

In general, terrestrial short haul may be as fast or slightly slower than airlines, today. Nevertheless, it’s likely to be much more consistent on both price and time to the destination.

It’s hard to believe that the experience wouldn’t be more comfortable door to door and it will, likely, be much more affordable, especially for business group travel.

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According to some estimates, the price of cabs sans driver could come down as much as three-quarters. If the journey between LA and SF with one passenger may be twice the cost of the best price and with more passengers, autonomous travel would become the cheaper option.

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Interesting is the cost savings. ¾ price advantage, no security, and a comfortable ride — sounds like the poor man’s “private jet”.

Where do I sign up?

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