GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why not make it a “standard treatment”?

Does Intravenous Vitamin C Help Terminal Cancer Patients?
By: Dr. Michael GregerJune 23, 2017

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Critics understandably attacked the study for using after-the-fact controls. One can see how this could introduce bias. If researchers consciously or unconsciously chose control group patients who were sicker than the treatment group patients, the control group patients would die sooner than the treatment group patients, but it would have nothing to do with the treatment; the control group folks may have just started out in a worse place. Indeed, there is evidence that is what happened: A full 20 percent of the control group died within a few days after being declared terminal compared to none in the treatment group, which really does seem fishy.

Nevertheless, the trial was successful in finally convincing the National Cancer Institute to fund randomized controlled trials—performed by the prestigious Mayo Clinic, no less. What did they find? Stay tuned.

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Why can’t this just be immediately administered? Vitamin C has to be cheap. (Maybe that’s why there’s no impetus to use. No big profits to be made.)

If me or mine has cancer, I’d insist on this treatment.

How bad could it be?

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