Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Alcohol
ADAM R. RAMOS JULY 15, 2016 

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The drinking age in the United States has varied between 18 to its current state of 21. Such an age would be absurd in 10 percent of the world, given that a total of 19 countries have no minimum drinking age at all, such as Sierra Leone and Cambodia. Fortunately, Antigua, Barbuda, and the Central African Republic are a little stricter when it comes to alcohol consumption—their minimum drinking ages are between 10 and 15 years old.

However, no laws are more stringent than the 16 countries where alcohol is illegal to consume at any age, such as Afghanistan, Somalia, and Pakistan. Iran, whose ban on alcohol was instituted after the 1979 revolution, displayed just how serious a criminal offence drinking was in 2012, when two men were sentenced to death for drinking alcohol. The men had two prior convictions for which they each received 80 lashes.

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I remember a time in my youth when in Nevada there was no speed limits, no drinking age, and prostitution was legal. The Mob ran the state and it was all very nice and peaceful.

Then, at the time, the drinking age in Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerk was 18. But I had my first beer at 14 in bar with my Dad. I drank there frequently and was never “carded” (i.e., asked for proof of age) until my 18th birthday. After that, the price of beer was half what it was when I was under age. (Guess that was the bar’s ‘risk premium’?)

SO why to we need the Gooferment telling us what we can do or put into our bodies. Are we their “human cattle”?


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One Response to GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Drinking age?

  1. 16 to 18 would probably be a reasonable minimum age for alcohol in the US today, but with **VERY** strict enforcement regarding drinking and driving. For those who think such enforcement would be impossible, you need to study your recent history to see just how much things have changed in the last fifty years.

    When I moved into freshman dorm Chrysostum in 1969, alcohol in the dorm had just been made fully legal. I believe there had been a couple of transition years before that when you were allowed a single beer with a sandwich — and there were legends about wild parties with tablefuls of cafeteria concocted “1 slice of cheese” sandwiches next to cases of beer.

    I actually remember when it was not only never thought about when people stumbled to their cars to drive home, but when it was actually a “joke” to CARRY someone to their car and send them off. There was some sort of strange total disconnection of thought about anyone actually getting seriously hurt from drunk driving: people just perceived it as a problem of having to get new cars if you wrecked up the old ones.

    I don’t currently have the figures on it, but, if my memory is correct, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and the crackdown on drunk driving along with raising of public consciousness about it played a major role in the ’70s/80s in reducing annual driving deaths from about 50,000 or 60,000 down to about 40,000 — saving about 10,000 lives a year… most of them being lives in their teens and twenties. (To be fair I should mention that the national drinking age was set to 21 during that period as well, through federal highway $ blackmail, and that cut down on interstate youth drunk driving.)

    Michael J. McFadden
    Peace Studies, 1973

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