INTERESTING: Silently changing the game — just like has been done in the USA

The science of the perfect free kick: Researchers reveal the physics of football’s set piece – and say Gareth Bale has the perfect technique

  • A ball in flight experiences what is called called the Magnus force
  • Backspins have been deemed useless for for free kick 
  • Sidespin used if shot is under-hit and topspin used to bring ball down fast
  • Wales player Gareth Bale help us as ‘perfect’ player

By KEN BRAY WITH THE CONVERSATIONPUBLISHED: 18:01 EST, 29 June 2016 | UPDATED: 18:38 EST, 29 June 2016

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For nearly 40 years the ball’s panel pattern followed the classic hexagon-pentagon format with 32 panels, but in 2006 the design changed radically.

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So “Football” (aka Soccer) is not the same, but it has change silently for some reason.

Just like Baseball and Football changed to make the game more “exciting”.

I guess that nothing cane just be “historically accurate”!

So sad. Put an ASTERISK on every “record book”.


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