GOVEROTRAGEOUS: HRC is an example of what’s wrong

Awareness is Key
By Luis P. Almeida
July 8, 2016

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The recent announcement by the FBI that Hillary Clinton did not break the law but simply showed “extreme carelessness” should serve as a shot across the bow to anyone responsible for their organization’s information security. The FBI’s recommendation does not provide much help in regards to determining where the line is drawn between criminal “gross negligence” and “extreme carelessness”. One theory is that the difference lies in foreknowledge and intent. If so, then all of us in the security space need to take a very hard look at improving and enhancing security awareness within our organizations. Our users must be informed, otherwise, we bear the responsibility for their actions.

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HRC serves as TWO good exemplars:

  • First, that “security” MUST start at the TOP. I’ve been a mid-level VP in an IT organization and gotten little or no support. I could have run all the programs and awareness until “the cows come home” but the message from the top is overpowering.
  • Second, as a little L libertarian, HRC shows just how out of control the political empire is. One set of rules for ; another for thee.

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