RANT: The wrong questions — always the wrong questions


The Unasked Questions
By Butler Shaffer
July 16, 2016

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If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.
 – Thomas Pynchon

Human understanding is premised upon a continuing refinement in the quality of questions we bring to any subject matter. If our distant ancestors knew little more about their physical world than the proposition that “some things fall and hurt us,” their ability to safely function in the world might have been insufficient to sustain their lives. After centuries of trying to explain such occurrences by reciting such maxims as that things fall to their natural level in the world, our ancestors became better informed by Newton’s understanding of gravity and principles of motion. His views – like the more sophisticated opinions that followed from other scientists – emerged not from the recitation of other men’s answers, but from the formulation of more complex questions.

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How do we get society asking the RIGHT questions?

What is right question?

It’s the all about the proper role of Gooferment versus government!

If you’re a little L libertarian, government is “your nightwatchman”. Anything else, it’s someplace between the national “mother” and “father”.


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