GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The “civilian” Gooferment has more troops than the USMC!

British Exit Not a Done Deal
By Jason Stapleton –  Jun 24, 2016 673

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Markets are in an uproar today after the UK voted to leave the EU. But has anyone bothered to look at what happens next? I think a lot of people believe that a British separation from the EU is inevitable, even imminent but nothing could be further from the truth.

By my estimation, it’s going to take at least two and a half years for the UK to make it’s transition and that’s assuming there are no political shenanigans that come up. Considering that a mere 2% separated the winners from the losers, it would not be at all unlikely to see some MP’s step up to block the referendum from being implemented.

What you need to understand is that we are years away from any change coming to the trading relationship between the UK and EU, and a lot can happen between now and then.

From the EU discussion, we’ll move to guns where I’ll play some interesting comments from Charlie Rangel, who apparently believes he deserves to be protected by guns while you should be forced to fend for yourself.

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Obviously, BREXIT, if not sabotaged by the effete elite, will take several years to unwind.

Hopefully, it will spur a bunch of mini —EXITs. 

I hope New Hampshire is one, but I think Texas needs to lead and be first. (Although, imho, North Dakota with the fracking oil and the only State Bank — the Bank of North Dakota — is the best prepared to EXIT since it doesn’t need the “services” of the Federal Reserve.)


Jason excoriates Rangel with his snide laugh at the stupid “law abiding people”. (Made my blood boil!)


Jason points out that the “civilian” Gooferment has more troops than the USMC! WTH!!!

Department of Education has SWAT teams? Why?

EPA, IRS, NOAA, FDA … … why?


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