RANT: CDC Cover-Up


CDC Cover-Up of Autism and Vaccine Link Continues
By Dr. David Brownstein
Dr. Brownstein’s Blog
January 29, 2016

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However, the very same U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has refused to call a hearing about another health crisis—whether or not childhood vaccines cause autism.

In August, 2014, a senior CDC researcher, Dr. William Thompson came forward and sought whistleblower status by claiming that an important 2004 paper from the CDC—which found no correlation with the MMR vaccine and autism–was fraudulent. According to Dr. Thompson, the CDC researchers actually found that the MMR vaccine, when given before 36 months of age (it is presently recommended at 12-15 months and again at five years) was significantly correlated with the development of autism. However, the CDC, in a closed-door meeting, altered the data to hide their findings. Furthermore, the authors of this 2004 paper were told, by their bosses at the CDC, to throw out and not disclose any information that showed a correlation of the MMR vaccine with autism.

I have written to about this travesty many times.

*** end quote ***

My problems is that there is no “honesty” in Gooferment.

I am more firmly convinced that the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

The politicians and bureaucrats have indemnified Big Pharma by the “vaccine harm fund”. SO there is no way to make them pay for their mistakes.

And, of course, a cover up is usually worse than the crime.

I hope whomever is the new President can “clean house”.

But, I fear, that’s too much to hope for.


I don’t envy the decision any parent has to make. And, the fact that there are no “facts” to guide them makes it even worse. At least, the old tribal witch doctor didn’t have a conflict of interest. Too many bad results and he’d be sacrificed to appease the gods. Maybe we should try that approach?

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RANT: H-1B replacing American workers at Disney / ABC


Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up
By Patrick Thibodeau  
Computerworld | Jan 28, 2016 2:01 PM PT 

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In November, Blumenthal co-sponsored new H-1B legislation by longtime program critics, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), designed to prevent the replacement of U.S. workers by H-1B visa holders.

Nonetheless, Blumenthal remains a co-sponsor of the I-Squared Act, which raised questions among those laid off about his intentions.

“He is still co-sponsoring everything,” one former Connecticut utility worker said about Blumenthal. The worker asked not to be identified because of severance package limitations. “He is totally unbelievable.” Blumenthal was not immediately available for comment.

Leo Perrero, an IT worker at Disney who was laid off after training his foreign replacement, says non-disparagement agreements hinder the debate over the H-1B visa. Without such agreements, “you would have a lot more people speaking out – real human beings with real stories, not just anonymous persons speaking out,” said Perrero.

“Their freedom of speech is being taken away from them with the non-disparagement agreements,” he said.

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but I have to urge folks NOT to go to Mickey Mouse land.

Disney / ABC must be made to understand that us in the bourgeoisie or the  proletariat will not fund our own demise!

If I was the AFL / CIO, I’d be unionizing all the white collar workers.

And, we should be hammering all the politicians and bureaucrats about this abuse.


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MONEY: Manipulating “We, The Sheeple” by pretending that the value of money is a constant



Inflation And Banknotes: The War on Money
By Paul-Martin Foss 
Carl Menger Center
January 28, 2016

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In practice, however, the Treasury has not printed notes above $100 since 1945, and the Federal Reserve has not issued notes above $100 since 1969. The ostensible discontinuation of those notes was due to lack of use. However, now that inflation has eroded the value of Federal Reserve notes it makes more sense than ever to issue larger denomination notes. The $20 Federal Reserve Notes that we receive at ATMs today buys the equivalent of what $3 would have purchased in 1969. And the $100 bill in 1969 would buy the equivalent of $646 today. It would make a lot of sense to begin printing $500 and $1000 bills again.

But due to the war on drugs and the war on cash, US authorities don’t want to issue bills larger than $100, as they claim it would only facilitate money laundering. By maintaining its policy of not printing notes larger than $100 and by increasing the reporting requirements on cash transactions, the Treasury has pushed more and more financial transactions into the electronic arena, where they are easier to monitor and control. The desire for control is ultimately driving factor behind the war on cash in the United States and in Europe. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see Argentina’s new government immediately enacting policies that respond to consumer demands for cash. Let’s hope that President Macri is able to bring the central bank under control so that Argentina won’t need to issue any larger banknotes in the future.

*** end quote ***

Note the effect of inflation on your wealth.

You can’t “save” in cash!

See if you use your “card”, then everything you do can be tracked.

And, it’s not just the porn buyers who have to worry. Make a contribution to the “wrong” candidate or cause and your name is on a list somewhere.

When do “they” come to load you on the train to the “reeducation camp”?

Hell, you send your children to the Gooferment Skrules everyday which is nothing more than a “reeducation camp”!

Oh yeah, it can’t happen here. Tell that to the American Citizens of Japanese Ancestry!

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ECONOMICS: The FED is very political and left-leaning


Market Tanking After Fed Pricked Their Own Bubble
By Samuel Bryan 
January 26, 2016

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“I think [Yellen] wants to elect Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t want to hand the White House over to Republicans or Donald Trump. I think she doesn’t want to have happen to Hillary what happened to John McCain. When the wheels came off the bus in the last year of the Bush administration, a Republican had no chance. Obama’s whole claim to fame is that he inherited a disaster and now everything is great. The truth is he inherited a disaster and now it’s a bigger disaster…

*** end quote ***

It’s a shame because if we had a “true told standard”, the politicians could not mess with the “money” or the interest rate.

The boom ’n’ bust cycle is caused by the mistakes (what the Austrian School of Economics calls “malinvestment”) of entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives. Look at the empty cities that the Chinese have built for bad decisions.

When an entrepreneur, using his own capital, makes a bad decision, they bear the damage.

When the politicians and bureaucrats make a bad decision, it’s the taxpayers and Joe-Sixpack who are hurt.

Look at TARP which was passed to by distressed mortgages and allow Joe-Sixpack to stay in his home and work it out. Instead, it “magically” was transformed into a bailout for Wall Street and the Big Banks. They paid out big bonuses to their executives and, together with those executive, made big contributions to the politicians, their PACs, and their parties — both of them!

Argh! And, you wonder why I am cynical about all of them?

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RANT: Wow, truth-tellers get in trouble and the babies parts sellers off scott free


Grand jury in Texas indicts activists behind Planned Parenthood videos
Published January 25, 2016  

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“It is a sad day in America when those who harvest the body parts of aborted babies escape consequences for their actions, while the courageous truth-tellers who expose their misdeeds are handed down a politically motivated indictment instead,” she said. 

*** end quote ***

I’m speechless.

There is no justice!

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POLITICAL: The politicians and bureaucrats will always get outmaneuvered


Wal-Mart: It Came, It Conquered, Now It’s Packing Up and Leaving 
Shannon Pettypiece 
January 25, 2016 — 5:00 AM EST

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The Town’n Country grocery in Oriental, North Carolina, a local fixture for 44 years, closed its doors in October after a Wal-Mart store opened for business. Now, three months later — and less than two years after Wal-Mart arrived — the retail giant is pulling up stakes, leaving the community with no grocery store and no pharmacy.

*** and ***

“I was devastated when I found out. We had a pharmacy and a perfectly satisfactory grocery store. Maybe Wal-Mart sold apples for a nickel less,” said Barb Venturi, mayor pro tem for Oriental, with a population of about 900. “If you take into account what no longer having a grocery store does to property values here, it is a significant impact for us.”

*** end quote ***

I guess they should have made the building permit conditional on a time guaranty?

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“I was devastated when I found out. We had a pharmacy and a perfectly satisfactory grocery store. Maybe Wal-Mart sold apples for a nickel less,” said Barb Venturi, mayor pro tem for Oriental, with a population of about 900. “If you take into account what no longer having a grocery store does to property values here, it is a significant impact for us.”

RANT: I must be getting old

I’ve hunkered down due to the snow.

In my younger days, I’d be out and about.

I think these politicians are really obnoxious. “Travel bans”! It’s like they think they are Kings!


It’s snow. If you go out and get stuck, that’s your problem.

All this does is empower the Nanny State to convince us that we are too stupid to take care of ourselves and make decisions about what we need to do and what risks we will take to get those important things done.



RANT: NFL conspiracy?


The NFL conspiracy theory freaking out Patriots fans
By Jonathan Lehman January 21, 2016 | 11:11am

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That fear picked up some fodder when the Boston Herald pointed out the Broncos are undefeated in games refereed by Hochuli. What’s more: The Patriots, despite their off-the-charts winning percentage this decade, are 3-4 in Hochuli games since 2010, and he was the ref who threw a crucial offensive pass interference flag against Rob Gronkowski in the Week 10 nail-biter against the Giants.

*** end quote ***

Never bet on anything that talks and never doubt that EVERYTHING is fixed.

I bet the NFL brass would love to stick it to the PATS.

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INOVATION: Khan Academy is killing Gooferment Skrules


We Have Passed the Tipping Point for American Liberalism
Gary North – January 11, 2016

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Then I got to thinking about the Khan Academy. In recent months, it has stated that it has over 26 million enrolled students. This is in 190 countries. So, I went to Alexa.com to see what percentage of the site’s traffic is from the United States. It is approximately 50%. Inside the United States, the site is ranked number 522. This is incredibly high.

I realize that some of their students are in public school settings. But I don’t think many of them are. A few selected schools use the Khan Academy. I am convinced the overwhelming majority of these enrolled students are homeschoolers.

*** and ***

I’m not saying that we are winning this ideologically. I am saying that we are winning it institutionally and administratively.

The institutions are moving towards decentralization. This is anathema to the welfare-warfare statists. They are literally losing control, even if Salman Khan is not radically challenging the content of humanistic education. He is certainly no radical. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School. His outlook and his teaching methods are going to shape the minds of tens of millions of students around the world. More important, they are going to shape the learning environments of these students. He is pulling them out of state-run classrooms.

The children who are coming up through the Khan Academy today go at their own pace. Nobody tells them what to do and when to do it. They take exams, and if they pass the exams, they go on to the next level. There is no one nagging them. There is no one telling them that class is over because a bell has rung. They are not being regimented.

*** end quote ***

Remember the purpose of the Prussian education model: cannon fodder for the Army, willing morons for the factories, and useful idiots to vote for and be led by the elite!

I hope that the author is correct.

It can’t happen fast enough to get this country back on track.

Separation of Education and State will go a long way to restoring the American vigor.


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POLITICAL: Petty tyrants exist at the local level too


Taco Bell Nixed By South Brunswick Zoning Board
Adios, Taco Bell. A diner and a White Castle will be coming soon near Rt. 1 North at New Road, however.
South Brunswick, NJ
By CARLY BALDWIN (Patch Staff) January 15, 2016 2:31 pm ET 

*** begin quote ***

South Brunswick, NJ – You’ll have to drive elsewhere if you want some Taco Bell.

The South Brunswick Zoning Board rejected a proposal to build a Taco Bell on Rt. 1 North at New Road. The board shot down the proposal in a 5-2 vote Thursday night, according to TAPInto.

Neighbors of the lot would be negatively affected by a Taco Bell, board members said.

*** and ***

“(The lot) is not big enough (for another type of restaurant),” he said, according to TapInto. “We have to think about what we are going to put there (if not Taco Bell).”

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but this is wrong.

The South Brunswick Zoning Board should not be in the business of picking winners and losers.

If some one is will to gamble their money putting it there, then who are these bureaucrats to say that they can’t?


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RANT: The Gooferment entraps some poor fools who can’t figure out how to buy a plane ticket without help?


wo Virginia men arrested on terror charges
Published January 17, 2016  Associated Press

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According to court documents filed in the case, Farrokh asked for help getting to Syria from a person who he didn’t know was an informant for the FBI. He later met with two other FBI informants he believed were people who could help him join the Islamic State group. Court documents say Farrokh expressed concerns about trusting the men and said he didn’t want to go to jail. At one meeting with them, however, he agreed to swear an oath of allegiance, court documents said. He also allegedly said that he wanted to die a martyr but did ask if his wife and family could eventually join him in Syria. He said he had other ways to get to Syria in the past that weren’t secure and needed a connection because he didn’t want to get arrested.

*** end quote ***

Why is there always some Gooferment help for these fools to fall into a trap?


Makes me wonder.

IF these guys couldn’t figure out how to buy a plane ticket, THEN how dangerous could they be?

Better they are over there, than staying here.

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RANT: Why are their “mobile homes” in the first place?


2 dead, several injured as storms rip through Florida
Published January 17, 2016  FoxNews.com

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Florida officials say two adults have been killed and four children have been seriously injured after two suspected tornadoes swept through central Florida early Sunday.

The dead and injured were all members of the same family and living in a mobile home in Duette, Fla., near Tampa.

*** end quote ***

One would think that “we” could build “mobile homes” that could keep folks safe. Or why do “we” permit them at all?

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INTERESTING: Walmart snookered the DC Gooferment


District leaders furious Walmart breaking promise to build stores in poor neighborhoods

By Aaron C. Davis and Sarah Halzack January 15 at 8:41 PM   

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Walmart abruptly announced Friday that it was abandoning a promise to build stores in Washington’s poorest neighborhoods, an agreement that had been key to the deal allowing the retailer to begin operating in the nation’s capital.

*** end quote ***

Simple answer is why didn’t you insist that the poor neighborhood stores be build first?

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District leaders furious Walmart breaking promise to build stores in poor neighborhoods

INTERESTING: Keep “the game” on the field


The late penalty that doomed the Bengals was provoked by a Steelers coach illegally on the field
By Cyd Zeigler  @CydZeigler on Jan 11, 2016, 7:33a 

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In thinking back on that game, there was a lot of action on the field by players not in the game, spectators, and various coaches.

That’s just not right. 

Seems like we need a rule like hockey’s third man in rule. I’d keep the coaches, bystanders, and not-in-the-game players off the field. Like a TWO game misconduct! 

Sorry, but “the game” is sacrosanct. What the players do is what should matter; not anything else.

The various administrators of the game should take steps to protect the integrity of the game.

Basketball coaches are restricted to their “box”.

Ditto for the other sports.


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POLITICAL: The minimum wage is discrimination against minority youths


Minimum Wage Dishonesty
By Walter E. Williams
January 12, 2016

*** begin quote ***

During South Africa’s apartheid era, the secretary of its avowedly racist Building Workers’ Union, Gert Beetge, said, “There is no job reservation left in the building industry, and in the circumstances, I support the rate for the job (minimum wage) as the second-best way of protecting our white artisans.” The South African Economic and Wage Commission of 1925 reported that “while definite exclusion of the Natives from the more remunerative fields of employment by law has not been urged upon us, the same result would follow a certain use of the powers of the Wage Board under the Wage Act of 1925, or of other wage-fixing legislation. The method would be to fix a minimum rate for an occupation or craft so high that no Native would be likely to be employed.”

*** end quote ***

Walter Williams is among my favorite author / economists.

He often drives a metaphorical dagger into the hearts of the phony liberals, politicians, and bureaucrats!

In this specific case, the “minimum wage”.

The liberal politicians use it to demonstrate how much they care about the poor. All they care about is getting their votes.

I can’t think of a more destructive diktat then this.

I learned this lesson when the rising Federal minimum wage “forced” AT&T to automate all their elevators. While some of the all women elevator force were able to be placed in other higher skilled jobs, many were not and were fired. I know one personally who never worked again because the minimum wage cost more than she could produce. 

Anecdotal? Sure. But that doesn’t make it real.

Look at the black youth unemployment rate and tell me that isn’t real either.


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HEALTH: Hot dogs are a disaster


Hot Dogs: Questions and Answers
by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM
Published on December 22, 2015, Last Updated on December 14, 2015

Consuming Hot Dogs Can Be Harmful to Your Health

*** begin quote ***

Multiple studies have determined that consumption of hot dogs can be a risk factor for childhood cancer.

Peters et al studied the relationship between the intake of certain foods and the risk of leukemia in children from birth to age 10 in Los Angeles County between 1980 and 1987. The study found that children who ate more than twelve hot dogs per month had nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia. 

*** end quote ***

I love bacon and I ate hot dogs.

Remember that old quote that “Swift once bragged that his slaughterhouses had become so sophisticated that they used “everything but the squeal.”

Since I’ve retired, probably starting back when I became “old” somehow, and started dating a pescatarian, I’ve been working on my diet. This story about nitrites didn’t surprise me. 

Thanks to Weekly NutritionFacts.org Videos by Michael Greger, M.D. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/is-bacon-good-or-is-spinach-bad/ I knew that cured meats — like bacon, ham and hot dogs — were killers and why.

That’s not to say I don’t fall off the wagon with bacon or hot dogs or other meats.

But maybe the sauerkraut on the hot dog helps?

Boy, I miss them.

However, if I want to live to a 1,000, bye bye everything but fruit, nuts, and plants. 

Laff, when I’m diagnosed as terminal, BOY! am I going to enjoy that time.


Till then, no fun eating.

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INSPIRATIONAL: Alabama / Clemson game last night was stunning

Alabama’s Nick Saban makes his case as greatest coach in college football history


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I watched that game and it was a great one.

Unlike the Cincinnati Begals game, BOTH teams showed great discipline. Especially in the late Fourth Quarter.

The issue was settled when Alabama had an 11 point lead, but they couldn’t sit on it. Clemson was competitive.

Bottom line: Alabama’s onside kick worked and Clemson’s didn’t.

The difference? Alabama did it when it was not expected.

I thought the Alabama use of the Tight End was devastating. The game plan must have been thought up by a trickster. 

Great game by both teams. Shame someone had to lose. Made you see why they were #1 and #2.

Well done. Great TV.

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TINFOILHAT: Did Hitler escape to Argentina?


Hola Hitler! Ex CIA agent claims Nazi leader faked his death and flew to Tenerife before escaping to Argentina on a U-Boat

  • Ex-CIA agent Bob Baer does not believe Hitler’s death story is conclusive
  • Baer, a spy for 21 years, said Hitler could have easily faked his death
  • Newly declassified FBI documents suggest he could have got to Tenerife
  • Other documents claim the Nazi leader made it to Argentina by submarine 

PUBLISHED: 11:59 EST, 8 January 2016 | UPDATED: 14:40 EST, 8 January 2016

*** begin quote ***

During the controversial documentary series, Baer claims: ‘The narrative the government gives us is a lie. if you look at the FBI files it throws open the investigation.

‘What we are doing is re-examining history, history that we thought was settled that Hitler died in the bunker but the deeper we get into it, it’s clear to me we don’t have any facts for it.’

One of the declassified documents expresses concern that Hitler’s body had not been recovered and the complete lack of evidence of his death.

The controversial theory claims that Hitler flew to the Canary Island and boarded a U-Boat which transported him to a Nazi-friendly area of Argentina.  

*** end quote ***

“Why does it matter?” to quote a certain Presidential candidate.

I think it matters BECAUSE the Gooferment classified all the documentation and told lies for other purposes. 

Think all the German rocket scientists that were “acquired”.

Cui bono? The CIA in the new Cold War that keeps “We, The Sheeple” fearful and needing the Gooferment to protect the flock?

And, the Gooferment can’t have anyone believe that the Chief Villain in this costly war got away scott free.


And, most importantly, since I believe that the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. One should take anything that we are told with a huge dose of skepticism.

# – # – # – # – # 



One of the declassified documents expresses concern that Hitler’s body had not been recovered and the complete lack of evidence of his death.

The controversial theory claims that Hitler flew to the Canary Island and boarded a U-Boat which transported him to a Nazi-friendly area of Argentina.  

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3390687/Hola-Hitler-Ex-CIA-agent-claims-Nazi-leader-faked-death-flew-Tenerife-escaping-Argentina-U-Boat.html#ixzz3wl4sksvd 
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GUNS: Two legged varmints get away with robbery


Shock Surveillance Footage Shows Couple Being Stalked and Ambushed in Upscale Atlanta Neighborhood
Jan. 8, 2016 10:25am Kate Scanlon

# – # – # – # – # 

The victims showed very little situational awareness.

I’d like to think that if they’d had guns they’d be more aware of their surroundings.

The world is vicious violent place out there. And, we need to cleanse the gene pool of the two legged varmints that prey on the average person. 

I’m sure there’d be a wail that they were just “misguided”.

Forewarned is forearmed. 

Molon labe. 

Defense is not possible without Constitutional Carry.

Maybe then the streets will be safe again for honest people.

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RANT: The Law of Karma



Steelers leave Cincinnati bruised, battered — and alive in AFC playoffs

# – # – # – # – # 

Did the “gods of football” deliver Karmic justice to the Cincinnati fans for booing and throwing garbage on Pittsburgh Steeler QB Big Ben when he was taken off injured?

And, to reinforce the lesson, those same “gods of football” did it by befogging the brains of the Cincinnati defense. 

How does that line go?

“Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” — Euripides

I always thought it meant “crazy”, but last night I got the true meaning.

A true champion respects his opponent; because in the end, our true opponent is ourselves.

Last night demonstrated that to any who watched.

Well done, “gods of football” for demonstrating STARKLY the Law of Karma — what goes around, comes around.

Usually, exponentially worse.

So, be careful what you wish for others, you might get it back — bigger and harder.


And remember the old Cincinnati coach’s quote that was on the locker room scroll: “The key to winning is poise under stress.”

Guess no one read that one!

# – # – # – # – # 


GUNS: 65-year-old grandmother didn’t have time to think


January 05. 2016 7:59PM       
Grandmother, 65, says she shot man who tried to mug her
By MARK HAYWARD New Hampshire Union Leader 

*** begin quote ***

MANCHESTER — A 65-year-old grandmother said she didn’t have time to think when she pulled out her .32-caliber handgun and shot a man who tried to mug her outside her south Manchester apartment building late Monday night.

*** end quote ***

This is quite educational.

“God made men and women; Sam colt made them equal.” — Unknown

The mugger was a foot taller and 100 pound heavier male.

Anytime the Gooferment tries to limit “guns”, think of all the women out there who could have used one.

Self-defense is a God given universal right.

And, the police took her gun as “evidence”. Argh! Luckily, she had good neighbor who loaned her another.

Why is a “license” required for any kind of carry?

Have some work to do in NH.

# – # – # – # – # 

LIBERTY: The NLRB unconstitutional defines what is sufficiently Catholic


Opinion: Major Issues We’re Following in Catholic Education in 2016
January 4, 2016, at 4:00 PM  |  By Adam Cassandra, Justin Petrisek, Kimberly Scharfenberger

*** begin quote ***

9.  NLRB Exposing Catholic Identity Concerns

The number of Catholic colleges challenging the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) continues to grow. The problems with this trend are twofold: One, the NLRB is exercising unconstitutional government oversight in attempting to determine whether or not a college is sufficiently Catholic; and two, the test applied to the colleges is exposing major Catholic identity concerns. Colleges opposing NLRB rulings now include Carroll College, Duquesne University, Manhattan College, Saint Xavier University, Seattle University and Loyola University Chicago.

In the Newman Society’s amicus brief opposing the NLRB harassment, attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom stated:

Religious organizations have the right of autonomy over their internal governance, the right to be treated the same as all other religious groups and denominations by the government, and the right to be free from government meddling and intrusion in their operations and beliefs.

*** end quote ***

First, they come for the Catholic Schools?

Remember Gooferment Skrules are deliberately creating cannon fodder for the Army, willing morons for the factories, and useful idiots to vote for and be led by the elite.

They promote and propagandize the greatest of the State who solves all problems. Worship the Earth because there can’t be any God. It might limit the State which is the current God of Man.



But, how do we get “We, The Sheeple” to stop it?

imho, the thing will eventually collapse under its own weight. 

Look at how much it costs. Look at how the Teacher’s Union protects it and Big Gooferment. Look at the terrible results it produces.

The minute that the Black minority realizes how they have been screwed by the Gooferment Skrules, then things will change.

Wise up people.

Factoid: The only President that send his child to a Gooferment Skrule was Jimmy Carter. Why doesn’t anyone else? Why should anyone else?


# – # – # – # – # 

9.       NLRB Exposing Catholic Identity Concerns

The number of Catholic colleges challenging the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) continues to grow. The problems with this trend are twofold: One, the NLRB is exercising unconstitutional government oversight in attempting to determine whether or not a college is sufficiently Catholic; and two, the test applied to the colleges is exposing major Catholic identity concerns. Colleges opposing NLRB rulings now include Carroll CollegeDuquesne UniversityManhattan CollegeSaint Xavier UniversitySeattle University and Loyola University Chicago.

In the Newman Society’s amicus brief opposing the NLRB harassment, attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom stated:

Religious organizations have the right of autonomy over their internal governance, the right to be treated the same as all other religious groups and denominations by the government, and the right to be free from government meddling and intrusion in their operations and beliefs.

– See more at: http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/4595/Opinion-Major-Issues-We%E2%80%99re-Following-in-Catholic-Education-in-2016.aspx#sthash.Ga3UxNzF.dpuf

POLITICAL: Tom Woods destroys the JFK mythology


In a forty five minute podcast, Tom Woods destroys the JFK mythology.

Especially in vogue today, is an assertion that the JFK assasination was partially due to his opposition to the FED.  Tom destroys that illusion.

Well worth a listen in my opinion.

# – # – # – # – # 

SECURITY: Email security STARTS with your own domain name


Time Warner Cable Warns Users of Possible Data Breach

# – # – # – # – # 

Here’s a reason NOT to use an ISP for your email address.

Another is that you’re locked into that ISP for email.


May I suggest that you have your own domain?

The common wisdom, or is that common whizdumb, is to own your own name as a domain name. I own “reinke.cc”. (I like saying “sea sea me at reinke.cc”! me@reinke.cc will actually work!) I gives one quite a bit of control.

And, it’s very cheap. I know three solutions at 15$/year using wordpressdotcom with gmail, 25$/year email only with 1and1, and 60$/year for domain+email+webspace also at 1and1.

My point is not that you should use 1and1. http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=9113251 I could care less which one you use. It’s that getting on to your own domain with email is cheap and easy.

And, it’s not hotmail, yahoo, AOL, or gmail. It IS your own “personal brand”.

# – # – # – # – # 



Purism is Practical
written by ron paul
sunday january 3, 2016

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The ever-growing number of Americans who are joining the liberty movement are not interested in “reforming” the welfare-warfare state. They also have no interest in “fixing” the Federal Reserve via “rules-based” monetary policy. Instead, this movement is dedicated to auditing, then ending, the Fed and stopping the government from trying to run the economy, run the world, and run our lives. If this movement refuses to compromise its principles, we may succeed in restoring a society of liberty, peace, and prosperity in our lifetimes.

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In addressing the “welfare” part of the welfare-warfare state, it’s unfortunate that those of us that want to “end welfare as we know it” are portrayed as heartless unfeeling Ebenezer Scrooges.

In actuality, nothing could be further than the truth.

If you look on the Gooferment’s failed “war on poverty”, then you will see whole GENERATIONS lost to the despair of “welfare”. Politicians and bureaucrats — mostly D’s — and “community organizers” have developed a “poverty industry” that they siphon off of. Argh!

We have more than SIX DECADES of the current system, with no end in sight of misery.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — attributed to Einstein

So WHY can’t we try something different?

* Eliminate the minimum wage by phasing it out over 20 years. That would do wonders for black youth unemployment.

* Eliminate the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” that sends so many poor people to prison, impoverishes them, and limits their employment opportunities. And BTW inflicts crime and violence on the poor disproportionately!

* Eliminate the handouts by phasing them out over 20 years. Reduce them 5% per year. 

* Eliminate the various and sundry “regulations” on the States concerning “welfare”.

* Eliminate the Crony Capitalism “regulations” of “licensing” various things like hair braiding, Uber driving, and all sorts of other stupidity.

* Eliminate the tremendous “take” off the poor by the various forms of Gooferment lotteries. 

Americans are very charitable. If the taxes are reduced by reducing the welfare burden, then true charity will spring up to help the truly needy with real help. I cite Homefront NJ as an example of what a real community can do. (And, from whom, I was taught that the “welfare bureaucracy” needs lots of “clients” to justify their continued existence.)


Why can’t we have an experiment to see if this wouldn’t work so much better?

Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats, as well as all those that make fine living off the current system. 


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SECURITY: Multiple questions are secondary passwords


Why do I get frustrated when people insist on being insecure?

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To our eService Customers:
On December 21, 2015, Washington Gas launched its new eService portal in an effort to improve the overall online customer experience. We have expanded the online self-service options, provided you with energy consumption information and month-to-month usage comparisons, as well access to billing and payment options, such as our Budget Billing and Auto-Pay programs. 
Since the launch, we have experienced some technical issues, particularly related to log on and password reset. During log on, please be aware  that you may encounter delays as you are: 1) directed to the page where you are required to change your password; and 2) answer three brief security questions, both of which conform to sound security practices. We apologize for any delays you may experience during this process.
During the next few weeks, we will remain focused on identifying, addressing and resolving deficiencies in the new system. By the time you receive your next bill and log onto our system, we expect that your online experience on our new site will have improved significantly as we approach the level of service you expect and deserve.
Until we resolve all issues, please consider using your mobile device to access the eService site. Customers accessing the site in this way are experiencing faster site performance.
As a reminder, the following payment options are still available to you:

  • Call our automated payment line at 703-750-7944 to make a phone payment with a check or credit card. 
  • Contact our customer service center at 703-750-1000 for assistance with a payment. Customer service hours are 8 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Saturday. The center is closed on Sundays.

There are no transaction fees for payments made through these two alternative methods. Late fees will be waived for eService customer payments delayed by the implementation of the new portal.
Thank you for your patience and for being a valued Washington Gas customer. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience these technical issues may cause. Our continued goal is to provide the best possible online experience and we will continue to provide updates and share information on the www.washgas.comhome page in the coming weeks.
Tanya Hudson
Division Head, Consumer Services

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