GUNS: 65-year-old grandmother didn’t have time to think

January 05. 2016 7:59PM       
Grandmother, 65, says she shot man who tried to mug her
By MARK HAYWARD New Hampshire Union Leader 

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MANCHESTER — A 65-year-old grandmother said she didn’t have time to think when she pulled out her .32-caliber handgun and shot a man who tried to mug her outside her south Manchester apartment building late Monday night.

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This is quite educational.

“God made men and women; Sam colt made them equal.” — Unknown

The mugger was a foot taller and 100 pound heavier male.

Anytime the Gooferment tries to limit “guns”, think of all the women out there who could have used one.

Self-defense is a God given universal right.

And, the police took her gun as “evidence”. Argh! Luckily, she had good neighbor who loaned her another.

Why is a “license” required for any kind of carry?

Have some work to do in NH.

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2 Responses to GUNS: 65-year-old grandmother didn’t have time to think

  1. reinkefj says:

    But she may have been left defenseless.

  2. frenchync says:

    You can’t be upset that they took her gun? I mean she killed somebody, you can’t just dismiss something like that without a thorough investigation. What if it was setup? Maybe it was a trap because she wanted the guy dead? I know…far fetched of course, but I just used those examples to make the point. From the surface information there is no way I believe something like that. But no one cares about my opinion, the justice system needs to take it’s due course, even if it seems unnecessary. Otherwise we would have no laws, just everyone’s opinion on right or wrong. You can’t just kill someone and not expect any one to “check it out”. And that included confiscating her gun as evidence.

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