INTERESTING: But is he? – Washington Post

A Marine’s Convictions: After flawed military sex assault investigation, Naval Academy teacher fights to prove he’s innocent. But is he? – Washington Post
By John Woodrow Cox Published on March 10, 2016

I found this a compelling read. 

One of the most quoted excerpts from Scottish poetry is derived from Canto VI, XVII: Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practise to deceive! Felicia Hemans used two lines from Marmion as an epigraph for her poem of 1827, The Homes of England.

Wow, he really “stepped in it”, and the Post reporter dug his grave with the lies.

Reporter should get a Pullitzer.

As a computer security guru, I doubt the cellphone evidence. Chain of custody was non-existent. The NCIS should have seized all the evidence at time of investigation. It doesn’t say what Stadler’s specialty was but for a USNA graduate there had to be some computer courses there. Fabricating message might not be that hard. 

But Thompson was less than 100% truthful so that makes it look bad for him.

What a mess.

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INTERESTING: Fifty percent of what we just taught you were wrong

Salt Restriction Increases Heart Disease Deaths and Hospitalizations
By Dr. David Brownstein
January 1, 2016

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Since graduating from medical school in 1989, I have come to the conclusion that much of what I was taught was wrong.  In fact, at my medical school graduation, the dean said, “Fifty percent of what we just taught you were wrong, your job is to figure out which part was correct and which was incorrect.” When medical students come to my office, I always encourage them to question everything I tell them and, furthermore, to question what they have been taught.

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Wow, this does nothing to inspire confidence in “medicine”.

It wasn’t that way in injineering skrule!

And, add the Gooferment’s gigantic interference in the medical marketplace and my confidence drops even further.

So, I guess we do need IBM’s Watson to “help” doctors like the TV commercial says.


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