RANT: Obviously, it mattered since she did it!


PBS Anchor: ‘Why Does It Matter’ Hillary Lied About a YouTube Video on Benghazi?
By Tim Graham | October 23, 2015 | 9:49 AM EDT

PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff came to bury the Benghazi committee on Thursday night’s program. “What difference does it make” seemed to be her Hillary-echoing mantra. Or in her case, it was “Why does it matter?” Lies? Coverups? Who cares about that?

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PBS is a propaganda outlet that the Federal Gooferment forces me to pay for. Argh!

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If it didn’t matter, then why did she do it?

Obviously, it mattered since it was 8 weeks before the election.

They lied, cheated, and stole.


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