GOVEROTRAGEOUS: End eminent domain!


Government takes family’s land near Area 51
By Glen Meek , Kyle Zuelke |
Published 10/16 2015 06:17PMUpdated 10/19 2015 09:58AM

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Private land overlooking the secret base at Area 51 has officially been taken from the owners and transferred to the United States Air Force.

Last month, the U.S. Air Force condemned the Groom Mine property when the family who owns it rejected a government buyout they felt was unjust.

The I-Team broke the story of the family’s fight with the government.

The Sheahan family, which until now owned the mine, knew they faced an uphill fight. They also expected the government would probably take the land through eminent domain even though the Sheahan’s owned it since Abe Lincoln was in the White House.

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From Kelo, to this, in countless cases, the right of the people to be secure in their property is run rough shod over by the Gang called Gooferment!

Why do we or “We, The Steeple”tolerate this?

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Now — literally with the stroke of a pen — a federal judge has turned the land over to the U.S. Air Force. The only part of the fight left for the Sheahan family now is compensation and what will happen to the equipment, buildings, even human remains, still at the site.

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