INTERESTING: A “woman” manipulates a “man”



Today, I was having a bagel and coffee.

A man, “obviously” Grandpa, having a snack with a young female child Sophia about age 8 would be my guess.

He sits down and tells her to sit across from him. 

(Why I have no idea. Mistake number 1 — give an order that may not be obeyed.)

She sits two tables away.

After several interactions, he “compromises” half-way and sits at the table next to her. 

(Mistake number 2 — “compromise”. Shows the original order wasn’t important!)

After several more interactions, he sits at “her” table.


(Mistake number 3 — capitulation. Demonstrating this was a waste of time.)

Guess “women” learn “man – ipulation” early in life.


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TINFOILHAT: Did the Alcatraz escapees make it?

Relatives have ‘proof’ Alcatraz escapees are still alive
By Tim Donnelly
October 10, 2015 | 9:45am

*** begin quote ***

Alcatraz officials have long stated that the men drowned, maintaining the prison’s bragging rights of no escapees. But now, more than 50 years later, new leads are being presented by the Anglin family, who are cooperating with authorities for the first time.

They claim that not only did the brothers survive the escape, they were alive and well up through at least the mid-1970s — and may still be alive today.

The evidence is offered up by the Anglins’ nephews David, 48, and Ken Widner, 54, who are featured in “Alcatraz: Search for the Truth,” a History Channel special airing Monday. The evidence has pumped life into the cold case, and has investigators lining up new interviews and planning to search South America for signs of America’s most notorious escapees.

*** end quote ***

And, why would we believe the “Alcatraz officials”?

Like with murder cases, it’s very hard to convict without a body.

And, from time to time, we hear of folks who have disappeared completely.

Personally, without proof, all we have is assertions and presumptions.

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