INTERESTING: A “woman” manipulates a “man”



Today, I was having a bagel and coffee.

A man, “obviously” Grandpa, having a snack with a young female child Sophia about age 8 would be my guess.

He sits down and tells her to sit across from him. 

(Why I have no idea. Mistake number 1 — give an order that may not be obeyed.)

She sits two tables away.

After several interactions, he “compromises” half-way and sits at the table next to her. 

(Mistake number 2 — “compromise”. Shows the original order wasn’t important!)

After several more interactions, he sits at “her” table.


(Mistake number 3 — capitulation. Demonstrating this was a waste of time.)

Guess “women” learn “man – ipulation” early in life.


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