LIBERTY: Dig us out of the Gooferment Skrules “hole” in 40 years

Charter Schools Are A Shell Game: Get Government Completely Out of Education
By Chris Rossini

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One of last bastions of full-blown socialist policies around the world is in the area of education. Control of education is the crown jewel of government control. After all, if the world moves in the direction of the most dominant ideas, it is of the utmost importance to government to force you to adopt its ideas. Government has you for the first 18 years of your life (at least). Then the government’s media picks up where the schools leave off, and take over from there.

No matter how much failure the government’s school “system” produces, and no matter how many resources are flushed down the drain, it will fight tooth and nail (to the very end) to maintain control of education.

Despite the fact that this so-called education has become so horrendous (as parents who are currently dealing with “Common Core” can attest to), the cries are always for “fixes”. Of course, demands for more money to toss into the black hole are a given. But, again, as Von Mises proved, socialism cannot be fixed.

One of the more recent fixes are called “Charter Schools”.

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So, we need to “sell” a 40 year plan to return Gooferment Skrules to the parents to fund and the marketplace to satisfy.

I say 40 years because it took 70 years to create this mess.

First 20 years is to return school choice to the parents and divest the infrastructure to the teachers by freeing 5% of the students to go where they want; second 20 years is to reduce the Gooferment “contribution” 5% per year until it’s zero.

Easy peasy!

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