RANT: A split-level passenger seat design?


Airbus files patent for split-level passenger seat design
Published October 06, 2015

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Airplanes could get even more cramped with a new seat design from Airbus that has passengers seated on top of each other in a bi-level configuration.

Earlier this month, the global airline manufacturer filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a split level seating design that could be used in businesses cabins on wide body aircraft, news.com.au reports.

In rows where passengers are normally seated six across, the middle rows would alternate between floor level and elevated seating to fit an additional two passengers per row. The raised seats would be accessible by a stair or ladder and would be able to fully recline above the passengers seated below.

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I can’t image how you evacuate that plane in an emergency. Let alone board and “de-plane”.

And, if the passenger above you spills something or worse, then yuck?

Can you make it any MORE uncomfortable and cramped?

There’s a reason I hate to fly any more.

It used to be “fun”; now it’s like torture.

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