TINFOILHAT: “Jade Helm” is training for what?


When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It
By Brandon Smith Alt-Market.com
May 8, 2015

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I would further note that Jade Helm exercises are also joint exercises with domestic agencies like the FBI and the DEA.  Again, why include domestic law enforcement agencies in a military exercise merely meant to prepare troops for foreign operations?  I often hear the argument that the military would never go along with such a program, but people who take this rather presumptive position do not understand crisis psychology.  In the event of a national catastrophe many military personnel and government employees may determine that they will do what is “best for them and their families”.  And if following orders guarantees the security of their families (food security, shelter, etc), then they may very well follow any order, no matter how dubious.  Also, a large scale crisis could be used as a rationale for martial law; otherwise well meaning military men and women could be convinced that the loss of constitutional freedoms might be for the “greater good of the greater number”.  I believe some military will indeed resist such efforts, but of course, Jade Helm may also be a method for vetting such uncooperative people before any live operation occurs.

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This stinks to high Heaven.

I wouldn’t believe anything that the Gooferment says. Or its politicians and bureaucrats.

This type of “training” makes no sense, UNLESS it is training for civil unrest like Baltimore on a much larger sale.

I think the Governor of Texas is correct to be concerned.

How often lately is the Gooferment doing un-Constitutional things?

The IRS is political. The DoJ is political. Everything is political.

And, as one who doesn’t care for either of our “political parties”, as if there was any difference between them, I have a feeling that Jade Helm is an attempt to intimidate me.

Molon labe!

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