INTERESTING: Maybe there’s some money to be made in solar after all?

Tesla‘s Powerwall: Why You Should Care Even If You Don’t Have Home Solar
Greater energy independence at a smaller cost.

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The U.S Energy Information Administration says that the average American home consumes about 11,000kWh per year, or about 30kWh per day. So if an average user wants to get completely off the grid, it would only take three 10kWh Powerwall units—at a total of $10,500, not counting the cost of installation, solar cells and a pricey DC/AC inverter—for that to become feasible. It may sound like a lot of money on paper, but considering the long term energy saving benefits, it’s a steal.

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Interesting concept and idea.

Maybe for my shore house? 

Put the solar panels on the roof. It gets a lot of sun year round. If you can sell the power back to the township /JCPL, then maybe the old “white elephant” could pay for some of its “freight”.

Heaven forbid, maybe it could even show a profit?

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