INTERESTING: Bear climbs tower for eggs

Cell Tower News: Tower bear 

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Bear climbs tower for eggs

We’re all doomed. The large hairy killing machines known as bears are now bringing their endless appetites off the ground and into the skies. O.F. Mossberg & Sons captured this surprising video of a bear that managed to climb an electrical tower to feast on eggs in a nest. In the video you can see the mother bird flapping around the bear, obviously unhappy about what is taking place.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve covered a bear on a tower site, that time the bear was on the ground. With this latest development it seems like only a matter of time before climbers are working on a tower and looking down to find a bear dozens of feet in the air after their lunch.

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Probably, like climbing a tree, but easier. 

A nest in a tree is, imho, harder that a nice regular tower frame.

Guess it’s just one more adaption that the bears have made.

Like the one in north Jerzey, that figured out how to open the ‘bear proof’ garbage cans by throwing them against the garage doors. Scratch one can and one grade door on EVERY house on the block!


And we think we’re so smart!

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