SECURITY: Why not require photo id?

Woman advocates vigilance after thieves took wallet and spent $20,507 in 2 hours
Union Leader Correspondent

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BEDFORD — After having her wallet stolen out of her shopping cart at the Bedford Mall and more than $20,000 charged to her credit cards, a Manchester woman is cautioning women and seniors to be more vigilant about their belongings while out shopping.

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“Why isn’t it mandatory to ask for an ID? You know, we’re talking 15 seconds here,” she said.

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Fellbaum said at Best Buy, the thieves tried to use Fellbaum’s Chase Visa card for the two transactions. It was declined, so the store allowed them to use her Bank of America card.

The thieves also paid in two transactions at the Apple Store.

The Bank of America card was denied at the Apple Store, and that store allowed the thieves to use Fellbaum’s Citizens Bank card. On the second transaction, the thieves used her Sam’s Club MasterCard.

At Finish Line, Fellbaum’s Bank of America card was declined, but the store allowed the thieves to use her Citizens MasterCard.

“Nobody asked for ID,” she said. Fellbaum also said she was told by a manager at Best Buy that credit card companies prohibit the store from asking customers for identification when paying with a card.

“I don’t believe that’s true,” she said.

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It would seem that this type of crime would immediately be reduce by requiring photo id.

Need it to get on a plane.

So why not to vote or to charge?

And, I’m sorry, after a decline, why not take some extra precautions.

Multiple declines?


“Photo id required” goes on all my cards!

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3 Responses to SECURITY: Why not require photo id?

  1. Hmm… actually, if it’s indelible enough it should work just as well as anything official for the most part. Someone would have to be pretty stupid to ignore it if the charge was for anything significant and/or if there was anything dicey (as in a previous card being rejected) about the transaction. You’d probably be well set up for suing the store in such a case (though you might need a photo of the card to prove you’d written that on it!)

    – Michael

  2. reinkefj says:

    No, I put it there and it looks official. Laugh!

    Us fat old white guy injineers say: “Just tell me the rules and I’ll work around them.”

  3. ““Photo id required” goes on all my cards!”

    Is that an option? Can you have that printed on things like bank and credit cards?


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