POLITICAL: Too much of a pistol

[Those of us who served in the “old Army” (pre-1985) would insist that the M1911A1 firing the .45 ACP meets all the requirements. The Thompson-LaGarde Tests of 1904 led the Army and the Cavalry to decide a minimum of .45 caliber was the most effective pistol cartridge. They noted, however, that training was critical to make sure a soldier could score a hit in a vulnerable part of the body. But it seems clear that the 1911 with the .45 round has one major drawback – it is too much of a pistol for female personnel to handle.]

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Interesting if this is true.

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One Response to POLITICAL: Too much of a pistol

  1. Heh, depends on the female. My older niece was helping me out around the house at one point a few months ago and easily hefted a bag in one hand that I’d struggled with while using two.

    I laughed and said, “What are you? The Muscle Gal?” and reached over to giver her bicep a playful squeeze through the sleeve of her jacket. LOL! My jaw dropped to my chest: it was like grabbing a thick steel bar! She’s evidently been working out at the gym or something.

    – Michael

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