INTERESTING: “How smart is your right foot”

My friend shared some internet factoid which was interesting but not copyable.

(That is itself was interesting. I’ll be exploring that some more.)

Essentially, how start making an imaginary clockwise circles with your right foot.

Then, write the number 6.

Supposedly, your food will go in the opposite direction.

When I tried, it didn’t work.

Here’s my email back to him.

*** begin quote ***


Instead of making the 6 as a right hander, us lefties, “forced converts” from being left handed to a right handed world, make our sixes from the inside in a clockwise fashion.

Hence, this doesn’t apply to us.

*** end quote ***

I have put my investigation into this non-copyable email on my Remember The Milk ( “Techie” task list.

The only other place I’ve seen this is Snopes ( I figured out a bypass for that in an hour. (Not that I want to copy their stuff. Just that it’s an article of my”faith in technology” that nothing on the inet can be protected.


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