VETERANS: The serviceman’s 56-year struggle to get benefits

VA Disputed Claim – Willie McCall $100,000+ – source Associated Press

WSFA-TV, a Montgomery television station, reported that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is giving an Alabama veteran more than $100,000 after the serviceman’s 56-year struggle to get benefits. Korean War veteran Willie McCall, 85, suffers from debilitating, combat-related health issues. During his time as a rifleman during the Korean conflict, the weather was so cold it left him with frostbite, jungle rot and circulation issues, McCall said. Despite multiple diagnoses, McCall was denied VA benefits and those denials date back to the late 1950s.

Recent documents showed the VA sent McCall to a doctor to assess his condition before the latest hearing on his claim. Despite the doctor’s written order confirming the combat wounds, the VA didn’t consider that document and denied McCall’s benefits again. To appeal would have taken another year and a half. Before totally giving up, McCall’s nephew, Freddie Porterfield, contacted the 12 News Defenders. They took the problem to the Central Alabama VA and after review McCall’s benefits were granted. The VA’s decision came after several weeks of calls, forms and multiple emails.

In addition to approving the claim VA gave McCall a check for more than $100,000 in back pay. This was the monetary compensation he would have received backdated to the time his initial claim was submitted. The VA also set up more appointments for potential compensation for other health claims.

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Anyone think that Gooferment is a “good idea”?


Talk to the old WW2 vets and they will tell you that they think their VA doc is out to kill them.

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