RANT: Lois Lerner’s emails


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A professional IT trade group with significant expertise in IT best practices has six questions that need to be answered about Lois Lerner’s -and at least 20 other IRS employees – email.

  1. What happened to the IRS’s IT Asset Managers who appear to have disappeared at a key juncture?
  2. Where is the documentation proving that Lois Lerner’s hard drive was wiped or destroyed? 
  3. Were the drives destroyed by an outside vendor or firm? 
  4. What are the IRS’s specific policies and procedures on document retention when hard drives are damaged or destroyed?
  5. What is the disaster recovery policy at the IRS? 
  6. Where are Lois Lerner’s emails from her Blackberry device? Are those secure? What is on the enterprise server? 

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I would add some other questions!

  • Where all the email SERVERS backed up? (The emails should be recoverable from all the POST OFFICES that transmitted the email.)
  • What about all the people who received her, or email from the other “unlucky” folks whose hard drives died? (I have emails in MY in box from folks.)
  • What about other non-government email accounts like GMAIL to avoid to disclosure.
  • What about the NSA email snooping program? (Surely they have everything!) 


It’s all corrupt.

And the politicians and bureaucrats have no shame.

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