JOBFINDING: Divisional Portfolio Director, Healthcare payer, NYC Metro

Release Date: 05/06/2013
$40.0 Billion, Healthcare payer, NYC Metro

As a leading healthcare payer organization, this company is in the midst of an exciting phase of large scale and comprehensive transformation of its business model which offers an abundance of opportunities for those leaders at the top of their game to create and implement high-profile, impactful solutions.

A major healthcare services organization located in the New York Metro area has engaged us to identify a Divisional Portfolio Director [DPD]. This is a newly created position and will report to the Senior Director of Enterprise PMO as well as, dotted line, to divisional Senior Vice Presidents.

Main responsibilities:

• The DPD will assume responsibility for providing leadership and direction to a portfolio of IT and business projects and programs in support of a selected number of key divisional business strategies. Annual portfolio size will be approximately $50 MM, with a total cost range of between $100M – $200M.
• Will be primary point of contact for portfolio status, conducting monthly portfolio reviews with SVPs and core portfolio management team
• Will provide oversight and management direction of divisional projects/programs, facilitate project/program reviews of key enterprise activities, ensure tools and processes are operating effectively and efficiently, and ensure all EPMO deliverables meet quality standards
• The DPD will also manage internal and external systems/application development projects from inception to successful implementation
• The DPD will recruit, develop and supervise staffs of up to 50 professionals

Background and skills required:

• 10 – 15 years of experience with progressively larger scale, broad-based project/program management
• Experience managing multi-year programs/portfolios with budgets of at least $25MM
• Your background will demonstrate the ability to lead, develop and motivate professional staffs of 25+ in size to perform at their best
• Your background will also demonstrate a strong track record as a change agent helping drive business model transformations
• The core skill sets of this position are demonstrated talent for conceptualizing, documenting, presenting and selling creative solutions to senior IT and business management
• A background in Healthcare or Pharmaceuticals is highly preferred
• Degrees: BA/BS required; MS in Computer Science, Business Administration or Engineering strongly preferred. An MBA with extensive project management experience is highly preferred
• PMP certification is required or must be acquired within one year of hire
• Candidates located in the New York Metro area are preferred
This is an exceptional opportunity for a strategic thinking IT professional to play a key and highly visible role in the transformation of a major healthcare industry organization.

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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” – Douglas Adams

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Sad to say, did I ever anticipate to be where I am today?

Never in a grazillion years.

Am I sad? Yes!

Am I sad about the choices I’ve made?

That strikes me of Shoulda, coulda, and woulda! thinking. 


Life is not a VCR. Neither is it a deterministic world. 

If you presented with a choice of X and Y, then until you get to the Final Judgment will you know that if you had chosen the alternative that you’d have stopped off the curb and gotten hit with a mack truck.

Thankfully, as boy I read the “Lensmen” series, … by Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith …, that postulated a Universe that was deterministic. (The Arisians could foresee the alternatives of the future and how things worked out.) The lesson was that humans weren’t Arisians and we had to guess!

I took that to heart with my meme “less than a year, might be a mistake; more tun a year is a lesson!”

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Back to Adams.

Since each intention was a decision, I’ve ended exactly where I planned to be.

Once happy; now sad. Running out the clock!

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