“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” – Douglas Adams

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Sad to say, did I ever anticipate to be where I am today?

Never in a grazillion years.

Am I sad? Yes!

Am I sad about the choices I’ve made?

That strikes me of Shoulda, coulda, and woulda! thinking. 


Life is not a VCR. Neither is it a deterministic world. 

If you presented with a choice of X and Y, then until you get to the Final Judgment will you know that if you had chosen the alternative that you’d have stopped off the curb and gotten hit with a mack truck.

Thankfully, as boy I read the “Lensmen” series, … by Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith …, that postulated a Universe that was deterministic. (The Arisians could foresee the alternatives of the future and how things worked out.) The lesson was that humans weren’t Arisians and we had to guess!

I took that to heart with my meme “less than a year, might be a mistake; more tun a year is a lesson!”

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Back to Adams.

Since each intention was a decision, I’ve ended exactly where I planned to be.

Once happy; now sad. Running out the clock!

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FUN: Tongue-in-cheek advice for Taylor Swift

*** begin quote ***

Do: All the driving. Leave aside whether you believe in the mythical Kennedy Curse, thought to have plagued the family for generations. Think not of Mary Jo Kopechne, the would-be lady friend to Ted Kennedy who died at the bottom of a tidal channel in Chappaquiddick in 1969 after he took a wrong turn and drove them off a bridge. Think not of JFK Jr., who died in 1999 while piloting his own plane, taking his wife and sister-in-law with him. Think not even of Kerry Kennedy, who blamed a recent car wreck on a seizure. Teen boys are the most dangerous drivers in America, accounting for 30 percent of the total cost of motor vehicle injuries in the country. Why tempt fate? Better yet: Hire a chauffeur.

*** end quote ***

In my earlier “advice”, I was worried for “America’s sweetheart”, the poetess laureate of puberty. The Kennedy’s are not what I’d call a “model of faithfulness”. How they are labeled “Catholic” defies my common sense? But, then if I was a bishop, I’d be suing for false advertising. 

I pray that she comes through this with a worst some good song material. 


Being an old “SWIFTIE” has its angst.

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