POLITICAL: Why do we have these TLAs?


The FBI: An American Cheka
by William Norman Grigg

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From its inception, the Soviet secret police agency was engaged in what we now call “Homeland Security Theater.” The same could be said of the FBI, which actually had a nine-year head start on its Soviet counterpart. J. Edgar Hoover’s two chief priorities were the collection of what the Soviets would call kompromat on significant public figures – politicians, policy-makers, celebrities – and the management of his secret police agency’s public image. With the advent of COINTELPRO in the 1950s, the FBI became fully engaged in a campaign of surveillance, harassment, disruption, and assassination (if only by proxy) targeting political dissidents. Since that time, the FBI has been a fully realized political police organization, in every evil sense of that expression.

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I remember the FBI story with Jimmy Stewart.

If I’d been paying attention I’d have seen the flaws.

Right at the beginning, a “federal agency” to handle interstate crime.

How could I have been so stupid?

The Goofermentcreates the problem with Prohibition and Banking laws, then of course they need an agency to combat what they create.


Well, 60 years later, I’ve wised up.

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