JOBFINDING: Finance and Accounting Washington DC area

My name is Thurston Daniels and I am an Executive Recruiter for Finance and Accounting professionals here in the Washington DC area, specializing in permanent placement. I wanted to reach out to you regarding the job market here in Washington DC, which has significantly picked up. If you are interested in making a possible vertical career change or hearing about positions we currently have available that align with your background, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


We are currently recruiting for the following positions:


Accounting Manager – Non-Profit Organization

Sr. Accountant – Public Company (Big 4 or public company experience preferred)

Sr. Accountant – Real Estate

Controller – Non-Profit Organization

Sr. Financial Analyst – Government Contractor

Sr. Project Accountant – Government Contractor

Grants Manager – Non-Profit Organization

Sr. Tax Accountant – Real Estate

Internal Auditor – Financial Services

Internal Auditor Manager – Financial Services

Senior Manager Compliance – Energy (Big 4 and SEC experience required)


We are also conducting searches for Staff Accountants, Billing Specialists, and Accounts Payable Professionals in various industries.


If your interested in any of the following opportunities please respond with an update copy of your resume, or feel free to call/email me. If you know someone who might be interested in hearing about these job opportunities please foward this email.


Thurston Daniels

Executive Recruiter

Randstad Finance & Accounting


1850 M St., NW, Suite 950

Washington, DC 20036

T 202.463.7210 ext. 3053

F 202.331.9743 |

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why are the girls and boys still in AfPak?

Mr. President, Why Is My Son in Afghanistan? By Anna Berlinrut
Juliet Buck
Radical SAHM
Topics> Foreign Policy, Military, Politics, Diplomacy
Editors Note:

Anna is a member of Military Families Speak Out — the only nationwide organization of military families (and supporters) that want to bring our troops home from Afghanistan NOW and take care of them. There is power in numbers. We now have approximately 4,000 military families registered and about 2,000 non-military supporters. The larger we grow, the more powerful our voice will be. We also want to stop the War with Iran before it starts. That war would also not be in the best interest of our country.

This piece was originally published at warisacrime
Wed, 09/19/2012 – 8:37am

*** begin quote ***

September 17, 2012

Dear Mr. President:

He’s been in Afghanistan for two weeks, but I feel as though I’ve aged 10 years. This is my only son’s sixth deployment in harm’s way.

I was supposed to get together with friends Saturday night. But when I read that two more NATO troops were killed in Helmund Province in a green on blue attack, I cancelled my plans. Then I found out they were Brits. This morning I heard that four American troops were killed by Afghans in uniform. Another mother’s son is dead. Not mine.

I don’t understand why our troops are there. First we were told it was to destroy al Qaeda. But Bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda has not been in Afghanistan in large numbers in many years. They are now scattered around the world in many countries.

*** and ***

My son is an ANA trainer in one of the most volatile regions of Afghanistan. He has left his pregnant wife and two young sons to go half way around the world to a country where many of the people he is trying to help want to kill him. Our President cannot give me a valid reason why he is there. It’s time to bring all of our troops home and take care of them.

Anna Berlinrut, Maplewood, New Jersey

*** end quote ***

Like Ron Paul said: “We can just march out!”

There is NO logic to why we are there, still there, ever went there.


This just proves to me that the “anti-war movement” was astroturf!

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