HARDWARE: Computers go toes up for many reasons

Every computer user should have a Carbonite or it’s equivalent. Computers go toes up for many reasons. After your platform becomes a smoking hole, or even just a hole when it gets stolen, what are YOU left with? Other than a “woe is me” tale. Astonishing to me is how few people have ANY backup strategy. No “Plan B”. Having paid tuition at that particular division of the University of Hard Knocks, I have no intention of revisiting the panic, dismay, and frustration of losing it ALL. (Not my fault. My employer had an enterprise backup plan. My platform was ‘overlooked’. Good bye 6 months of work. Some irreplaceable.) I’ve experienced this personally — two hard drives, one power supply, and one theft. with minimal impact. So, I am a firm worshiper at the “Church of Belt and Suspenders”! I’ve got layers of recovery. All set on automatic pilot. YMMV! But don’t expect sympathy from me when yours spinns, crashes, and burns.

p.s., I’m not shilling for Carbonite but for 60$/year, why not?

>Manhattan College ITS Blog: Saving Files

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MONEY: Only spend 80% of what you make!


5 Things I Did In My 20′s That Made Me Rich In My 40′s
by Rob Berger
in Personal Finance

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My wife and I just sent our first child off to college, and we’ll send our second to college next year. Through all the things that go with this time of life, I’ve been very focused on teaching my children sound money management principles. And the process made me realize just how much the decisions my wife and I made in our 20′s affect our finances today in our 40′s.

Despite the headline of this article, we’re not quit-your-job rich. But we are comfortable. We have no debt other than our mortgage. We paid cash for our last car (a used Toyota Camry hybrid). We have money set aside for our children’s college education. And we are on track to retire.

So if you are in your 20′s or know somebody who is, here are five decisions that made all the difference.

Decision #1–Earned a VALUABLE degree

Decision #2–Avoided consumer debt

Decision #3–Began investing early:

Decision #4–Bought modest vehicles: 

Decision #5–Maintained good credit: 

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If you are in your 20′s, I hope you’ll give some thought to the above as you make decisions for you and your family. Trust me, you’ll thank me twenty years from now.

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Not sure if I agree with #3.

And, I’d say that “#0 — Only spend 80% of what you make!” Wish I’d known and done that. My wife taught me that one. She’s save all the bonus money, raises, windfalls, tax refunds, … and a portion of all “big” casino wins. 

(If you’re NOT lucky like me, don’t gamble.)

And, NEVER EVER play the state run lotto or numbers. It’s really a tax on stupidity.


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