MEMORIES: Frau Reinke loved Haloween

Our Girl had a special place in her heart for the children who t ‘n’ t ed.

She’d spend several hundred on candy, cards, and little baggies.

She “hired” the ‘phews to fill the bags and, when they outgrew the easy money, she sit and carefully do it. I was “fired” from helping because I was not meticulous enough in carefully placing one of each type of candy in each bag.

She had a special bowl for the neighbor’s children that had dollar bills in the bags.

On All Saint’s Day, the day after, the ‘phews would be sure to come over and un-mine the bags. She’d give them the “leftover” dollars for the help. (Easy money, for sure!)

To avoid a very painful evening, I’m absconding overnight to AC for dinner and the comedy club. While it will remind me of her and what we did in AC, even that last glorious trip last January when she was like old, it’s not as hard as seeing all the children.

Back tomorrow.

That’s All Saints’ Day and I’ll go pray for my personal “saint”; Tuesday is All Souls’ Day, and I’ll go again to pray for my personal “soul”.


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INTERESTING: The American Revolution legal? Oxymoronical questions

19 October 2011 Last updated at 13:14 ET
Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?
By Matt Danzico and Kate Dailey
BBC News Magazine

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Who cares? “Might makes right!” I acquire my “rights” by being able and willing to fight for them.

The only reason, that a society “grants” me my rights, is that it can’t afford the price that I will extract if it doesn’t.

If I’m willing to die on a particular “hill”, cause there are always more of them than me, then I put a stake in the ground.

We have examples in history of one person standing up to the mob.

The American Revolution legal? It’s like “jumbo shrimp”. Makes no sense.

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