RANT: “It only takes 20 minutes to shift the blame”


NYT: All the News that is Fit to Alter

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By many accounts, on Saturday, Occupy Wall Street marching protesters were led onto the Brooklyn Bridge by NYPD, giving many protesters the impression that the police had no problem with the march, and, indeed,that the police were only standing by to insure the march was peaceful. However, once on the bridge, the NYPD kettled the protesters and eventually arrested 700.

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It’s a great graphic to demonstrate the “update”!

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JOBFINDING: Firmware Job Descriptions

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Firmware Job Descriptions October 2011 (V1.0)

Applicants must be able to work alone and in teams, and have good English communication skills (written & verbal). They must be able to articulate needs accurately and ask for help when needed. Applicants will be working with world- class individuals and should possess desire & passion to bring revolutionary technologies to market.

Firmware Engineer/Senior – SATA/SAS Storage device Firmware

Applicants will be responsible for helping create & document high-level drive system architecture from requirements; they will then work to implement the design. Applicants will be working with electronic engineers & drive command/diagnostic developers to create new technology storage products involving FPGAs, embedded processors, optical and magnetic components.

Applicants must have strong debug/diagnostic skills and experience in developing drive control, servo, and read/write systems with a thorough understand of data storage firmware development and architecture. Applicants must have experience with FPGA design & use, “C” language development, mathematics, algorithms, performance solutions, embedded control, and high-reliability systems. Should have experience diagnosing SATA/SAS interface issues, and be able to guide compliance testing. Must be able to implement storage device components (servo, ECC, etc) in RTL and/or “C”.

Applicants will be responsible for creating simulation components for incomplete drive subsystems, and transition as subsystems become available. Must be able to interface with 3rd-party RTL IP and external micro-controllers. Experience with Matlab and ModelSim a plus.

Command/Diagnostic Developer – SATA/SAS Command/Diagnostic

Applicants will be responsible for designing, implementing, and debugging drive commands and diagnostics in “C” on embedded microprocessors. Must be able to accurately interpret industry standards documents and implement them. Will create test plans and harnesses to validate developed code. Must also work with hardware architects/implementers to create drive diagnostics. These include drive built-in self-tests (BIST) and diagnostics to support manufacturing and FA (Failure Analysis). Linux & device driver development experience a plus.

Test Engineer/Framework-Simulation:

Responsible for creating, documenting, and maintaining development, support, and test frameworks for product development. Establish software “tooling” for backups, revision control, bug tracking, continuous build integration, tool-chain maintenance & integration using best industry practices. Must also create and maintain regression test systems at the product module and completed device level with an eye towards maximizing developer productivity.

These jobs have salaries in the $100-200k range depending on experience.

Our client is a dynamic hardware development company on the edge with a fantastically talented team of engineers and scientists.

We have met with the executives and R&D team on multiple occasions and know the new product has the potential to rock the tech world in the next three to five years.

If you or someone you know is looking for a ground floor opportunity of the magnitude of an APPLE, INTEL, or Microsoft, please let me know.

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