RANT: Add Penn to the “Jane Fonda” list


Sean Penn Calls Tea Party the ‘Get the N-Word Out of the White House Party’ Which Wants to ‘Lynch’ Obama
By Brent Baker | October 15, 2011 | 01:39

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Left-wing actor Sean Penn slimed the Tea Party as motivated by racism, charging on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on Friday evening that an impediment to President Obama’s success is “what I call the ‘Get the N-word out of the White House party,’ the Tea Party.”

At a time when Herman Cain tops polls of Republican primary voters, Penn proceeded to allege, without citing any evidence, that “there’s a big bubble coming out of their heads saying, you know, ‘can we just lynch him?’”

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Less than a month ago, I thought that he was just a “pinhead”, And a “liberal” one at that.

Hollywood “stars”, for some reason, think their success at entertaining “We, The Sheeple” somehow makes them “thought leaders”, “experts in all manner of disciplines”, or the next “gandhi”. In fact, there are a few who emerge from that world and demonstrate competency. I’m think of Heddy Lamar inventing a torpedo, Charlton Heston marching with Pastor Martin Luther King, and Ronald Reagan becoming President. And, in the American Republic, the Dead Old White Guys envisioned that every man was king. And, in Hollywood there are some very smart entertainers, Jodie Foster comes to mind. In entertainment, Dolly Parton is a notable business success.

But, it seems that there are just many more loons. Which is OK as long as they are “good people”. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion; even if it is wrong.

At some point however, they can become dangerous and hurtful.

Seems like Sean Penn has crossed over into that territory.

He has smeared a large group of people with basically the worst label one can apply today. Other than “used car salesman” or politician. Racist!

Now, I’ve never been to a “Tea Party”, but I can understand them. I haven’t gone because I believe that they can’t change anything.You’re not going to get the politicians and bureaucrats to give up their power by just showing up. Ain’t never happened; ain’t never going to happen.

The Free State Project is an effort to “take over” a state and eventually throw the bums out. That MIGHT have a chance.

Sean Penn has earned his way on to my personal “Jane Fonda” list. Since I am still free to spend my money any way I want, I choose not to spend it with or on anyone on that list. They are Persona Non Grata. I shun them. Peacefully, turning my back on them.

So to with Sean Penn.

He can get off my list by curing cancer, saving babies, or proving his assertion.

Till then, none of my dollars for him.

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INTERESTING: Verizon Wireless privacy

Your privacy is an important priority at Verizon Wireless. View Online
Verizon Wireless
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Important notice about how
Verizon Wireless uses information.
Why am I getting this notice?
Your privacy is an important priority at Verizon Wireless. Our Privacy Policy (available at www.vzw.com/myprivacy) informs you about information we collect and how we use it. Today we want to tell you about some important updates relating to two new uses of information. Verizon Wireless will begin using the information described below for (1) certain business and marketing reports and (2) making mobile ads you see more relevant. If you do not want us to use this information for these purposes, you can let us know by using one of the options described in the “Your Choices” section of this notice. This supplements our Privacy Policy.
What information are we talking about?
Under these programs, we willnot share any information that identifies you personally.
Verizon Wireless will use the following categories of information:
Mobile Usage Information:
Addresses of websites you visit when using our wireless service. These data strings (or URLs) may include search terms you have used
Location of your device (“Location Information”)
App and device feature usage
Consumer Information:
Information about your use of Verizon products and services (such as data and calling features, device type, and amount
of use)
Demographic and interest categories provided to us by other companies, such as gender, age range, sports fan, frequent diner, or pet owner (“Demographics”)
Is my information shared?
Under these new programs, we will not share outside of Verizon any information that identifies you personally.
To create business and marketing reports.
We will combine Mobile Usage Information and Consumer Information in a way that doesnot personally identify you. We will use this information to prepare business and marketing reports that we may use ourselves or share with others.
A report might state that 10,000 mobile users visited a sports website in a month and 60% were men.
For other companies to create business and marketing reports.
We may also share Location Information with other companies in a way that doesnot personally identify you. We will allow these companies to produce limited business and marketing reports.
The data we provide could be combined with data provided by other wireless carriers to create a report on the number of mobile users who take a particular highway during rush hour.
To make mobile ads you see more relevant.
When you use your wireless device, you often see ads on websites and apps. Using certain Consumer Information (such as your Demographics, device type, and language preference) and the postal address we have for you, we will determine whether you fit within an audience an advertiser is trying to reach. This means ads you see may be more relevant to you. We will not share any information that identifies you personally.
A local restaurant may want to advertise only to people who live within 10 miles, and we might help deliver that ad on a website without sharing information that identifies you personally.
Your choices.
If you do not want us to use your information for any of the purposes described above, please let us know at any time by:


Calling 1-866-211-0874
You will receive mobile ads whether you participate or not, but under the advertising program, ads may be more relevant to you.
If you have a Family SharePlan® or multi-line account, you must indicate your choice for each line. If you add a line or change a telephone number, you will need to update your
privacy choices.

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GUNS: Packs of Wild Dogs threaten Saint Louis children?


Are Packs of Wild Dogs Roaming the North Side Of St. Louis?
Kevin Killeen, KMOX News
October 17, 2011 6:56 AM

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St. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Ten years after a fourth-grade boy was attacked and nearly eaten alive by wild dogs in north St. Louis, city leaders are scrambling to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed is sounding the alarm. “I’ve witnessed packs of dogs, 10 and 15 dogs running together, and I’ve seen all these dogs I’m talking about they don’t have collars, they don’t have tags, these are truly wild dogs,” he said.

*** end quote ***

Are you kidding me?

Americans are being terrorized by varmints. Pioneer Americans must be rolling over in their graves. Using golf clubs to protect the children.

A young child can’t protect themselves?

A 22 is enough to take down any dog.

An adult with any handgun should be able to dispatch any threat. A pack might require a high capacity magazine.

But this should be a short lived threat.

Remember what the Chinese call dogs …. “DINNER”!

“We, The Sheeple” have become wimps.

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INTERESTING: Ellen’s Tiny Ohio House


Ellen’s Tiny House
by Christina Nellemann on October 10th, 2011

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Ellen Dawson-Witt was recently featured in her local newspaper because of her tiny house and her downshifted life. Ellen’s 192 square foot house is located on her property in Yellow Springs, Ohio where she grows some of her own food and carries water from a well for washing, uses solar panels for a lamp, CD player and laptop and uses a composting toilet. She does her cooking on a gas range from 1934.

*** end quote ***

Hmmm, the 2011 version of a McMansion?

Clearly the malinvestment of the past decades is in the “overinvestment” in housing. The “Real Estate Market” collapse is a symptom.

Small houses are one alternative. (Homelessness due to high cost.) It would be possible to reasonable afford a “bachelor pad”. There probably needs to be practical “family” housing. Not small for small’s sake, but right-size. (Reminds me of the insource, outsource, rightsource debate in information technology in the late 80’s.)

Multi-generational households are another. (This also solves some of the elder care problem; or at least delays it.)

Plus, there’s a need for housing that adapts over time — the needs of the young morphs into the needs of the old. Housing; not “housing supply” since there are tremendous transaction costs.

One thing’s for sure, the Gooferment isn’t going to deliver that or do anything but delay or prevent it.

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