RANT: 999 = great soundbite, but can’t get there from here

999 is a great sound bite. BUT, who would agree to a Sales Tax without the repeal of the 16th and the elimination of income tax. (Income tax is an economically STUPID idea.) The argument against the FAIR / FLAT / 999 / any other great idea is: Why give the Gooferment more money and more ways to take it? AND do you really want a income tax AND a sales tax? AND, do you trust that it would stay at 9, 13, 22, 31%? (You certainly don’t want it hidden in prices like the corporate tax is now. That’s how Europe and Canada would up with a VAT where each step in the production process gets hammered with a huge tax.

In a perfect world, 9% sales tax — with NO other taxes — would be tolerable. The correct level is zero. But I could stand for 9%. But that means no state, no city, no property, no nothing. Politicians and bureaucrats should starve!

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