ADMINISTRIVIA: Scheduled my next platelet donation for September

Here’s my prompt:

*** begin quote ***

Hello Ferdinand,

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We at the Blood Center of New Jersey would like to thank you for your Apheresis donation on 08/26/2011. The need for blood and blood products by our local hospitals and medical centers has become even more critical in recent years. Your A Positive donation is greatly appreciated by us and the patient(s) it helps.

Thank you for participating in our e-donor program by supplying your email address. We hope this will be a great service for our donors in that it allows us to notify you directly and quickly of matters of importance to you and your community. For example, this is the fastest way to get your cholesterol results back to you. You will still receive a donation card in the mail a couple of weeks from now.

*** end quote ***

When’s yours?

Lotta people need help. Make the same help, that Our Girl got, available to them.

Talks cheap; blood or platelet donation is easy.

So, in the words of a long lost injineering prof: “You’re probably not too stupid to bleed correctly. Go prove me wrong. Class dismissed.”

# # # # #

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