HARDWARE: Cars become hotspots


Vol. 16, #33 – August 22, 2011 – Issue #842
Tech Support For My Car?

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T-Mobile provides the connectivity, and we tried to hack into the system just for fun. The mobile hotspot is protected with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 with the last being the default. But the hotspot reached about 40 feet around the car, and when we looked at the logs, we could see the IP address that we tracked down to a fleet management company. Hm.

But you can see where this goes, right? Cars are loaded with high-tech features and consumers are going to need tech support for all this, and of course all this stuff can be hacked into. Think for a moment about all the code that this requires, and the industry standard of one bug per 1000 lines of code. I can already see it, Patch Tuesday for my car, where they plug in the patch and pray all systems will come back up after the reboot. Hey, it starts! LOL.

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The internet of things is now moving to cars?

In a nation of blinking clocks, one has to question the over computerization of stuff.

Do we know look forward to an ISP bill for each car, each person, each appliance, each … ?

Where does it end?

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MONEY: Pensions will be at risk


Teacher pension fund joins California auditor’s risk list
Associated Press
Posted: 08/19/2011 09:17:05 AM PDT
Updated: 08/19/2011 09:20:58 AM PDT

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SACRAMENTO — The state auditor’s office on Thursday added teacher pensions to the list of high-risk issues facing California government.

The report by State Auditor Elaine Howle added the nation’s largest teacher pension fund because it can’t meet the costs of retirement benefits beyond the next 30 years. The pension funding problem was added to a list of risks that includes California’s chronic budget deficit, unfunded retiree health costs and prison crowding.

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Unfunded liabilities are not just for the Federal Gooferment.

Just like the Delta pilots, everyone is going to take a haircut.

The only question is how much will be taken …

… by the corrupt politicians.

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MONEY: Home mortgage interest deduction


Study: Time to Eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction
Removing homeowner subsidies would allow everyone’s income tax rates to be lowered
July 28, 2011

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The mortgage interest deduction does not increase homeownership rates and amounts to little more than a subsidy for wealthy homeowners, according to a new Reason Foundation study that recommends eliminating the deduction and streamlining the tax code. The Reason Foundation report suggests a revenue-neutral solution: eliminate the mortgage interest deduction and lower federal income tax rates for all Americans by 8 percent.

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Seems like the time for deductions and such are past.

Tithe seems like more than enough for God; should be more than enough for Gooferment.

Flat 10%?

Now I think that all taxation is theft.

Hopefully, the absurdity of all of this will swing you to my way of thinking.

Time to get the Gooferment out of all our business.

The Dead Old White Guys thought that tariffs and excise taxes would be enough.

They were wrong. It’s never ever enough. For the pigs.

If we want a product or service, we should buy it. Gooferment is just another product.

Money is a product as well.

Gold is the answer to keeping the Gooferment under control. No hidden taxes.

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