RANT: Bike Lanes = ~1m$ jobs


Hopeful Green Job Facts to Lift Your Spirits

AUGUST 10, 2011

by Lindsay E. Brown

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Bike Lanes Create Jobs. You did indeed, read that correctly. A recent study from the University of Massachusetts found that bike infrastructure projects create more jobs than road infrastructure. Their latest study showed that bike and pedestrian projects generate 46 percent more employment than roads. Researchers looked at 58 projects in 11 states, and found that cycle-oriented infrastructure created 11.6 jobs for every $1 million spent, versus 7.8 for road-only projects. There you have it! Building the U.S.’ bike infrastructure to solve the job crisis. Voila!

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Argh! Typical muddy thinking. Divide 11 into a million = 900K PER JOB!!!! For an infrastructure that no one in their right mind would build at those costs.

That’s what’s wrong with thinking that the Gooferment can do anything. The oft said maxim is that the Gooferment can’t do ANYTHING right. This just demonstrates it.

The Tea Party is right. Cut the Gooferment’s spending. Go Ron Paul!

Did anyone study economics in a business class?

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TECHNOLOGY: Toy Truck; not so toy


Afghanistan War: Hobbyists’ Toy Truck Saves 6 Soldiers’ Lives
Aug. 4, 2011

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Staff Sgt. Christopher Fessenden is on duty in Afghanistan now after tours with the Army in Iraq. He has traveled with standard-issue equipment — weapons, helmet, uniform, boots and so forth — plus a radio-controlled model truck his brother Ernie sent.

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Like the body armor!

(When a young man I know went to the sandbox, I volunteered to buy him a dragon. The Army was woefully unprepared; I wasn’t. I studied ballistic armor. Six months later, towns were having fund raising to properly equip their children. Argh!)

Like the Civil War, the Generals fought using tactics developed in the English and French wars a century before. With bloody consequences.

We need to be like Switzerland. Defend our borders and MYOB!

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