GOLDBUG: Between the borrowers and the savers

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Discussion: Should the World Go Back to the Gold Standard?

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during the glory days of the gold standard in the US, 1870-1914, prices declined steadily at 2% p.a. for the 1st half o the period and then increased at 2% p.a. for the 2nd half. There was “price stability” if one means that prices in 1914 were the same as they were in 1870, otherwise not. Gold will make the rates of inflation in all countries on the gold standard approximately the same.

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Can you even IMAGINE zero inflation?

Talk about radically changing the balance between the borrowers and the savers. Between the workers and the drones.

What a concept.

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INTERESTING: A driver’s license, a privilege?

Crypto-Gram Newsletter
August 15, 2011
by Bruce Schneier
Chief Security Technology Officer, BT

Developments in Facial Recognition

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“A driver’s license is not a matter of civil rights. It’s not a right. It’s a privilege,” she said. “Yes, it is an inconvenience [to have to clear your name], but lots of people have their identities stolen, and that’s an inconvenience, too.”

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In the suburbs, it’s essential to travel.

Is this another form of population control?

When did I decide that the Gooferment has the power to restrict me from going to the grocery store?

How did I agree that the Gooferment has that power of me?

I don’t remember signing that.

Maybe I do need to go on strike against this and all the other Gooferment intrusions.

Oh yeah, I am!

Power to the people.

Note that the Gooferment can’t even do this right!

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