POLITICAL: Cribs can be … anything


Listened to the “news”.

One of the stories (at ~2310) was that “drop down cribs” were being sold on Craig’s List.


You can do anything but throw them away.

Isn’t that a Fifth Amendment “taking”?

The three that they cited were: 130, 150, and 175 each.

That’s a regulation that takes that wealth from individuals.

It’s to prevent 18 deaths over 5 years across 300,000,000 people.

That’s a tax. And, an infringement. And, it’s making a tradeoff decision for people.

But, maybe that’s a risk that a parent would take.

Maybe they’d rather have an old $130 crib rather than a new more expensive one. And, have the freedom to use the difference as they see fit. Maybe it’s for food, or rent, or a six pack.

It should be their choice.

Then Nanny State takes away our liberties.


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One thought on “POLITICAL: Cribs can be … anything


    And seriously, if the buyer feels that strongly about “fixing” the problem, it can be by retrofitting a couple of screws or even just putting a box under the drop side to keep it from dropping.

    We’ve slept all three of our kids in one, and plan to do so with the fourth. After that, I guess it’s firewood?

    What’s next? Requiring me to put padded flooring in my house in case one of the little treasures might trip and fall?

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